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Jim Thorpe board member plans to pay back ticket upgrade costs

Published November 19. 2019 01:03PM

A departing Jim Thorpe School Board member says he will pay back the district for a first-class upgrade he received while flying to a conference representing the district.

Dr. Michael Principe did not seek re-election this year. On Wednesday, during the final meeting of his term, Principe explained that he planned to pay the district $199 for the upgrade.

“I found out the tickets were purchased coach, and that morning they were updated to first class for $199 each. I’m going to reimburse the school district,” he said.

In May, a reporter brought to light that three school officials flew first class to the conference. The revelation came after residents obtained statements for a district credit card which showed that the district had spent thousands of dollars on meals for board members and administrators.

In May, after the expenses were revealed, Principe admitted he used one of the tickets. He said he didn’t know his ticket was first class until he checked in for the flight. He said he asked the other travelers why they were flying first class and was told that the first-class tickets were cheaper than coach at the time.

Principe said Wednesday that he recently learned that he was misinformed, which prompted him to want to pay back the district.

The residents who investigated the credit card found that the district credit card was used for first-class plane tickets and thousands of dollars worth of meals.

“Sometimes I stick my neck out and make mistakes because I trust people,” Principe said.

Principe admitted in May that he attended the meals as well, which were meetings between board members and former Superintendent Brian Gasper.

Tip of the iceberg. It isn't first class airline tickets that are the budget problem. It's first class healthcare benefits and pension plans.

I'm not even in the district, but the drama is getting the best of me. At first I didn't care. Now I'm very curious to see what the spends were.
Please, Mr. Abrupt don't tell me you are talking about the pension plans and healthcare benefits for the teachers. Come walk a day in the shoes of a classroom teacher.
I never said it was easy. I think I wouldn't mind teaching the younger ones. The older ones I'm not so sure. I can only imagine the age cut off is probably much younger than I think.

I think it's much easier than say concrete form setting or logger or anything to do with digging fence posts or driving fence posts. Oh and it's probably much easier and safer than being a local police officer, but I can only imagine since I've never done any of those jobs. Well I have dug some post holes and carried some concrete symons forms and that REALLY SUCKED compared to helping my kids with homework.
Pensions are mandated by the state of Pennsylvania. Healthcare is negotiated in the contract.
Hey just saying I’ll walk a day in your class room & u come do my job. Then u can pay my payroll liabilities, my quarterly taxes, my heat bill & especially my health insurance bill which is over $600.00 a month just for myself. You teachers have it made. Only work 9 months a year & fit everything you need to work in a brief case. Then u piss and moan when u have to contribute to pay a small portion of your healthcare. So do u still want to walk a day in my shoes????
You run a business? I wouldn't want to use a business whose owner can't spell "you" properly. I can see why you hate teachers so much — those spelling tests had to be dreadful for you.
So 88 takes a short cut and uses u instead of spelling you and u take a shot at him. Ever see how the kids text today? You differ in opinion, but you can't articulate your thoughts so you launch a cheap shot. Not cool Bob, not cool.

You don't need need no GED to run a successful business. Try it. You might like it. What no guts? Don't have any idea what you want to do. Keep being a load then. It's a much bigger responsibility "signing" payroll checks then "endorsing" them.
Strubinger said the whole thing was "over". Well, it's not over til the investigative report, that the tax payers paid for, is made public. Then we'll see if it's over,
Mike Principe and the others routinely abused taxpayer dollars for their own benefit while attempting to raise taxes on a select few. These criminals must be prosecuted.

Are you kidding me, three of them had First Class tickets but didn’t know it until they boarded the plane? You can’t make this up.

Lock them up and throw away the key!

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