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It’s the Reader’s Turn at Northern Lehigh Middle School

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    Justin Hunter, eighth grade
    “My computer at home, because I got it from my parents and it was pretty expensive. I probably would sell it and save up the money for in the future for when I’m an adult.”

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    Conner Martinez, seventh grade
    “A necklace I’m wearing from my grandmother because she passed it down to me. No.”

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    Ashley Moyer, seventh grade
    “My most prized possession is my medical books because my mom gave them to me. I probably wouldn’t sell them because they wouldn’t get me a lot of money, and I can still learn off of them.”

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    Keona Dyer, eighth grade
    “My drawing notebooks because they’re all from past years and I like to see how I’ve progressed. I would probably sell them and make new ones.”

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    Elizabeth Binder, eighth grade
    “My phone, because I use it to make emergency calls, or can text someone for help. I would probably sell it for something in case I ever need something.”

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    Davyn Hankee, seventh grade
    “My Antonio Brown autographed helmet because he’s my favorite player. No.”

Published January 19. 2019 06:25AM

“What’s your most treasured possession? Why? Would you sell it if someone offered you a lot of money?”

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