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Haja Lanes in Palmerton sold, paving way for St. Luke’s building

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    A look at the former Haja Lanes in Palmerton. The sale of the building will pave the way for another St. Luke’s health care facility. TERRY AHNER/TIMES NEWS

Published May 16. 2019 12:24PM


The transfer of long-standing bowling alley in Palmerton has gone through, paving the way for another St. Luke’s health care facility.

The property transfer is from James P. Haja to Palmerton Site LLC, 619 Iron St., Lehighton, properties at 614-616, 618-620, and 622-624 Delaware Ave., $700,000. Parcel No. 42A-47-C50.

Posh Properties, of Bethlehem, purchased the former Haja Lanes building at 614 Delaware Ave.

Closed to the public since April 20, the building was constructed in 1961.

Originally it was owned by a doctor and an undertaker, then it was purchased by Pencor Services, and Haja then purchased the building from Pencor, and settled on Dec. 31, 1984.


There's building construction everywhere you look. Honestly folks, the only construction that was happening during the Obama years was in D.C.
We're seeing money being spent like never before. This isn't coincidence folks.
Making America Great Again
Now imagine how great it could be if the Democrats would row in stride, instead of throwing out the anchor every mile.
Actually, growth in new housing starts, often used to measure the health of the construction industry, has been flat under Trump. It rose considerably in the previous 8 years.

However, presidents have little to do with it anyway. Although this project you can probably thank the Affordable Care act for.
The ACA will go away soon, and thing in healthcare will begin to straighten out. You mentioned BBraun in a previous post. Did you see the construction taking place next to their Marcon Blvd. Plant? That's because a part of the ACA already went away... The 2.9% Medical Device Tax that was implemented to help pay for the ACA. I think BBraun is also investing heavy down in Daytona, FL.
Take a look at all the new businesses coming in to just the Lehigh Valley. Nothing was happening under Obama. Turn off that TV, your input is... FAKE.
Side stepped the new housing starts.

DME coverage is required in ACA plans so B Braun is most certainly doing well as a result. However the plant in Bethlehem produces goods for hospital use so the ACA has been a shot in the arm for them. Not that I agree with the law, but no alternatives have been proposed by this administration.
Many of these St Lukes, (insert competitors) buildings will be vacant after the baby boomers die. There has been no viable alternative for the ACA proposed - I know, because I am on it. GOP plans would expose me to 5x the cost a younger person pays, instead of 3x allowed under ACA. "Back to the good old days" for insurance companies, of soaking older people. A lobbyists dream. And my assistance from the government would be slashed about $5K a year. End result I pay about $8K more per year. No thanks. My premiums are very affordable - the purpose of the law - and I use my insurance and pay $5 copays at my doctor. Same doctor I had before the ACA. I doubt it is going away - that lawsuit is going nowhere.

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