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Ex-fire official gets state sentence for sexual assault

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    Keith Cebrosky

Published February 15. 2019 12:01PM

A former Palmerton fire company official, who the family of the victim labeled a “predator,” was sentenced to a state prison term on Thursday afternoon in Carbon County court.

Keith Cebrosky, 66, of the 800 block of East Princeton Avenue, was sentenced by President Judge Roger N. Nanovic II to serve a total of one to three years in a state correctional institution followed by four years of state probation on charges of unlawful contact with a minor, criminal solicitation — sexual assault by volunteer or employee of a nonprofit, and intimidate witness/victim — without testimony. He previously pleaded to the charges.

Deputy Attorney General Angela Lynn Raver asked for consecutive sentences on the three counts, which Nanovic declined to impose. But the jurist did impose a sentence at the high end of the minimum term recommended by state sentencing guidelines. The guidelines called for a term of anywhere between three and 12 months in the standard minimum range.

Cebrosky apologized to his wife, family and grandchildren, stating that his marriage ended because of the incident.

However, the father of the male victim read a letter to the court in which he said Cebrosky has acted like the entire incident was a joke. He said it was no joke for his son, who was a victim of sexual assault by another member of the fire company.

Defense attorney Adam R. Weaver told the court that Cebrosky was a law-abiding citizen with no prior contacts with the law and was a volunteer in the community.

He said, “He realizes his actions were wrong and is remorseful for his actions.”

The victim’s father said his son’s dream was to become a firefighter and serve his community. He said his son fell victim to a “predator.” He also said Cebrosky committed the crimes when he knew his son had been the victim of another sexual assault incident by another member of the fire company.

He said there was not just one incident but “numerous” assaults that occurred. He said his son had to go to counseling.

When questioned by Nanovic why he would commit such a crime in light of the fact that he knew the male victim had been assaulted by another firefighter, Cebrosky only said, “It was just a stupid mistake.”

Nanovic said he didn’t think it was one simple mistake but a “deep-rooted problem” for Cebrosky.

Raver said the case was further disturbing because of the facts that the male was victimized twice.

Case history

Cebrosky was charged by the office of the state attorney general for incidents that began in January 2017. The AG charged that after using the minor victim for his own sexual gratification, Cebrosky arranged for a $1,000 cash payment to be delivered to the victim through a third party — in exchange for dropping charges against him. The then 16-year-old victim (who is now 17) met Cebrosky through volunteer work at the West End Fire Company where Cebrosky was formerly president.

The same victim was previously victimized by another fire company volunteer, Jordan Beggan, who was arrested in 2016 by the AG’s office and pleaded guilty to felony charges. He was sentenced to a state prison term of 22 to 72 months.

Following Beggan’s arrest, the victim reported that Cebrosky patted the victim’s groin and buttocks one day, saying, “Wake up.”

The criminal complaint stated Cebrosky also told the minor, “Now that Beggan is gone, is it my turn?”

Cebrosky propositioned him, asking the minor to perform sex acts in front of him. Cebrosky offered the victim cigarette money and cigars on separate occasions to perform the sex act.

During an interview with investigators after his arrest, Cebrosky admitted to propositioning the minor and coordinating a payoff to the victim through the third party.

In addition to the prison term, Nanovic ordered Cebrosky to submit to a sexual offenders evaluation, supply a DNA sample, have no contact with the victim or his family in any way, get a mental health evaluation, follow all registration requirements of Megan’s Law and pay court costs of about $1,000.

Cebrosky was evaluated by the state sexual offenders assessment board and determined not to be a violent sexual predator, which means he must register as a sexual offender for the next 25 years. If he had been determined to be a violent sexual predator the registration period would have been for life.

He was given credit for 231 days already spent in jail on the charges.

At the conclusion of the sentencing, Nanovic told Cebrosky, “This is a lifetime sentence you brought on yourself.”

Here we go again! Thanks Deviant Republicans. Hey, let us know when America is great again! Still waiting...


HAHA...What do I win?
What if it was your kid abrupt? Guess u would sing another song. Like the demos are at it again! Assclown
Softball you read that post wrong it was meant to take a shot at Digginout@1. I copied and pasted one of his/her posts that are usually the first response on all these local news articles.

Don't know if this guy is Dem or Rep and I don't care. Two to six years isn't enough prison time.

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