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Don’t be surprised

Published May 29. 2019 12:33PM

Lehighton voters,

The election is now behind us and the candidates of the “Hometown Team” have claimed their victory. Bravo at winning the election by preying on the fears of the teachers/administration/support staff/former teachers/family of employees of the district. Now, You OWN IT. You own the $3.8 million deficit, not including the road work in and around the school complex that needs to be done or the new roof for the administration building, the upkeep on two vacant buildings that haven’t even been publicly listed for sale or the myriad other “unforeseen” expenses that will pop up. I see voters expressing their belief that it was somehow the fault of David Bradley, mainly the lawsuits, that the $3.8 million deficit exists.

I ask you this … what percentage of the $3.8 million has to do with David Bradley? Let’s throw out a number, even if the lawsuits and legal fees totaled $100,000 it would be a mere 3% of the $3.8 million. Rational conversations between the board members would have resolved this issue but the hatred for Mr. Bradley trumps any semblance of rational discussion and the “anti-transparency” wing of the board decided to retain a law firm. Anyway, voters, your fears can be put to rest now you got your way and the “Hometown Team” won the primaries. So now they OWN all the bad news from here on.

Don’t be surprised when tax hikes come along. You can blame nobody but yourselves. Sitting here with popcorn,

Jeremy T. Glaush


The sad part of all of this is that the most vulnerable will pay the highest price. The elderly and those struggling, IOW the working poor, even if they rent. I sincerely hope that the "Hometown Team" will learn to live within a budget without significant tax hikes. More properties go up for sale every day, and few sell. They called themselves the "Hometown Team" but soon there may not be many left here who can call Lehighton their home town. Yes, the "Hometown Team" will own this, but the community will have to pay for it.
Jeremy, I completely agree with you, stern, wentz and all the other good ole boys are now laughing, sitting around a table with cigars and a few beers loving it! The jerks got away with building 2 new schools and a fafafafootball stadium and now the sheep in this stupid area voted them back in! I have already drafted an "I told you so letter to the editor " for when those JERKS announce they are going to increase taxes! But knowing this good ole boys paper they probably won't print it for 10 years!
Make PA a Right to Work State, eliminate the school property tax, and get rid of the unfunded mandates of PSERS (Fat Teachers Pensions). Stop electing progressive Democrats. And get rid of the Federal Department of Education. The Government Schools screw us all. Too fat, and too big to fail? I don't think so. I hate saying this, as there are great people within the gubmint screwels, but why don't they speak up? They'll be punished.

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