police Tamaqua Alsing

police Tamaqua Alsing

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Disturbance at bar earns Tamaqua woman a citation

A Tamaqua woman walked into a bar. When she left, there was a broken beer glass and a puddle of golden liquid on the top of the bar.

What happened in the few minutes between her entrance and exit earned her a citation for disorderly conduct.

Tamaqua Police were called to the Sidetrack Taproom, 315 N. Railroad St., Tamaqua, at 11:27 p.m. Aug. 23 for a disturbance. The bartender said that Tammy Sue Alsing, 49, of Clay Street, came into the bar, demanding to be served. The bartender declined, which led Alsing to throw an ashtray at her, then pick up a patron’s glass of beer and smash it on the bar top.

Alsing had left by the time officers arrived, but was located a few blocks away, at Freddy’s Pub. She admitted having a personal problem with the bartender and agreed that the other woman refused to serve her a drink. She said the beer glass was broken by accident when the bartender came at her. She denied throwing an ashtray.

She also admitted pushing the other woman, which is what led to the disorderly conduct charge.