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Damaged tree turned into piece of art for West End Fairgrounds

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    Chain saw carver Dennis Beach was asked to turn a 25-foot tree that had been struck by lightning into a permanent piece of art for the West End Fairgrounds. HUNTRE KEIP/TIMES NEWS

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    An owl is carved into one side of the tree. HUNTRE KEIP/TIMES NEWS

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    A bear is carved on one side of the tree at the West End Fairgrounds. HUNTRE KEIP/TIMES NEWS

Published August 14. 2019 02:40PM


When a big storm consumed the West End Fairgrounds, lightning struck and damaged one of the many trees located on the grounds.

Instead of disposing of the 25-foot tree stump, the board of directors of the West End Fair decided to make a permanent piece for the fair.

Members reached out to world champion chain saw carver Dennis Beach to help with the newfound project. Beach, a fixture during the West End Fair, was the best person for the job.

“He’s been to the fair a few times and everyone loves his work, so we thought to give him a call and ask if he could do the project for us,” said Norman Burger, board of directors member for Chestnuthill Township.

Beach willingly accepted and completed it in the spring. It took him a day to complete, which is the normal completion time when he does larger projects.

The wood carving consists of a tree with an owl and bear on either side. Two eagles are a part of it as well.

Beach’s design was based on the popularity of certain animals in the surrounding areas. The large eagle, which grazes the top of the sculpture, was a feature Beach wanted to stand out.

“I wanted a bird on top of the piece, and an eagle was the best decision for it,” Beach said.

The bear and owl signify the common animals found in wooded areas, especially with the frequent sightings of black bears recently.

“You could go real artsy on a piece like this, but some people may not like it, which is why it’s best to go with the basic elements,” Beach said.

The wood sculpture is ready for the 2019 West End Fair. It is located near the main office building and the main stage.

The fair runs from Aug. 18-24 and the gates open at noon daily.



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