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Cross-country cyclist struck by ice from passing car

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    As bicyclist was injured this afternoon when riding his bike between Nesquehoning and Jim Thorpe. The male was traveling north on Route 209 when he was struck by a piece of ice which fell from a passing vehicle. The man was discovered lying along the roadway by a deputy Carbon county sheriff. He was treated at the scene by Lehighton paramedics before being transported to an area trauma center. Nesquehoning police are investigating the incident. The biker is traveling across the United States from Oregon to New York on a charity tour. COPYRIGHT LARRY NEFF SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS

Published January 23. 2019 04:42PM


A man riding his bicycle cross country for breast cancer awareness has been released from a hospital after he was injured along Route 209 between Nesquehoning and Jim Thorpe on Wednesday afternoon.

Brent L. Bundy of Keizer, Oregon, was struck by a piece of ice which came off a passing vehicle.

Kaiser was nearing the end of his sixth cross-country bicycle journey to raise awareness for breast cancer. He had been riding from Oregon with New York as his destination.

Reached Wednesday night, Bundy said he was treated and released from St. Luke’s Gnaden Huetten Campus. X-rays were negative, but he was feeling sore. He compared the impact to getting hit with a hammer.

“It doesn’t take much weight for something going 40 mph at you. It doesn’t need to be very big. And there are some big sheets on top of cars that fall off,” Bundy said.

A Carbon County Sheriff deputy which happened to be passing by saw Bundy on the side of the road and stopped to render aid, according to people at the scene. A Lehighton Ambulance unit was also passing shortly after and stopped, according to Carl Breiner of Nesquehoning Police Department.

Bundy is about 150 miles from completing his sixth cross-country journey by bicycle. He raises breast cancer awareness in memory of a friend who died in 2004.

During Monday’s bitter cold, where wind chills dipped below zero, Bundy was riding from Pottsville to Hazleton. He said he wore every garment of clothing he has with him. His rear view mirror broke after it froze.

“It could have been much worse. You could have had a foot of snow — the roads were clear from Pottsville to hazleton,” he said.

The gradual transition into cold temperatures has acclimatized him.

Bundy said this is far from the worst setback he has dealt with during his cross country rides.

“I was hit by a car the second time across. Dislocated my shoulder. That was way worse. I can’t give that shoulder a break,” he said.

He recently met with Gov. Tom Wolf in Harrisburg as part of his mission to raise breast cancer awareness.

Police do not have a description of the vehicle, or the exact time that Bundy was struck. If you want to learn more about Bundy’s journey, check out his twitter, @brentleebundy1.


Anyone riding the icy roads on a bike needs his head examined. I realize he was hit by ice/frozen snow coming off a vehicle but he's putting other drivers in jeopardy since they have to swerve out of the way to get around him. Do your cross country trip from April to Nov, not in the dead of winter. Lucky he hasn't been killed.
Yes let's out the victim on trial. Not the ignorant Republican Redneck who is too lazy and selfish to clean off his/her vehicle of ice and snow.
But, that's what Republicans do, ignore the law, deflect blame, and put themselves above others. Ignorant Republican sociopaths. America is a Septictank Now! Thanks Deviant Republicans !
BTW, If the cyclist was wearing a FAGA MAGA Hat, you would be singing a different tune, scumbag.
And if he was riding in front of you trying to navigate the ice on the shoulder of the road, slipped, and went under your car wheel, you'd be the first to complain about this idiot riding a bike on icy public roads. What does politics have to do with this, anyway?
this "digginout" person has the same stupid responses to every thing they comment on. They comment to stir the pot. Its probably a middle aged male living at home with their parents still using a dial up modem in their basement.
Ignorant Republican Redneck.....oh the simple minds of the eternally stupid. I'm sure it wasn't some welfare trash wearing pajama pants that was too busy selling drugs on his/her Obamaphone to clear the vehicle off....that could never happen in Carbon County 😂

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