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Couple reunited with dog after Penn Forest crash

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    Sam, a 3-year-old chocolate Lab, went missing in the area of Maury Road and Route 903 after an accident this past Saturday. There was a happy ending though as she was reunited with her family on Monday morning. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Published September 18. 2018 09:29AM

A crash near Maury Road and Route 903 on Saturday left a Levittown couple badly shaken and heartbroken for a time.

The couple was at their Pocono home, as they are most weekends, when they decided to eat out for lunch. All went well until they were on their way back home. That’s when their vehicle was struck head on by another vehicle. The other driver said he was trying to avoid something in the roadway when he crossed over into their lane.

Larry and Mary Kamnik were lucky to have no major injuries, just bruised and shaken, but the crash created havoc in their lives as their 3-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever, “Sam,” ran away in the crash’s aftermath.

The couple’s daughter, Michelle Zabludovsky, turned to social media and several animal rescue groups for help on Sunday morning, posting first on Paws Abbey Alert on Facebook. She also reached out to Hound Hunters of NEPA to help in the search for Sam.

A Jim Thorpe woman saw the posts and spotted the dog near the crash scene.

There was a happy ending to this tale, as Sam was reunited with her owners late Monday morning.

Unfortunately, not all of the information in this article is correct. The part about the missing dog is true and that thankfully nobody was hurt including the other driver which was not mentioned. But other than that, not much else is. This was not a head on collision. The driver side of the car was damaged and part of the front on the driver side, but not the entire front of the car. The dog was also lost before the accident even happened. The passenger of the car actually told the driver of the truck that they were out looking for their dog who had run away. So if they were looking for their dog then presumably they weren't paying much attention to the road. Which is why they hit the truck. The only reason the driver of the truck may have swerved was after the car hit him and his driver side wheel was broken off. Even the best driver would probably swerve a little if they were driving on their suspension.

I'm glad the dog was safely returned to them and that nobody was seriously injured in the incident. Just wish the facts would have been presented properly.
So sad you stated false information. Read below Facts are FACTS dog was not missing prior to accident. This happened due to the other drive hitting my parents. Dog escaped after accident, you inconsiderate person . How dare you twist the story.Your opinion is NOT reality.
@Kayaker94 I feel sad you made the second part up. The other drive admitted to the cops he thought he saw something in the road, swereved and hit my parents head on. The dog escaped after the accident in RESULT to the accident. Don’t make things up, grow up! Thank god my parents are ok and alive . The dog was not missing prior to accident and sounds arrogant as I do hope this message does to you, it is meant to be. I don’t appreciate you twisting the story. Thanks . Stay off the. comments.
You're right my opinion is not reality. But neither is your Facebook post which is exactly where the so called "facts" were taken from as it reads almost exactly like one of the posts I had come across looking for your dog. And then I saw this in the paper. Hmmm...interesting isn't it? That only one side of the story is presented. Maybe the side that you submitted to the newspaper? The side without all the facts.... As I stated before, I am glad that your dog was returned safely and that nobody was injured.
Your absolutely nuts Kayaker94! My Facebook posts as well as all posts looking for the dog state the correct facts and same facts as I stated above not your bogus BS you decided to post. I don’t have time to argue with someone that is small minded.
Well after I saw that post and then came across the news article I decided to do some digging into the accident since it looked so eerily similar and I found someone who happened to over hear your mother tell the driver of the truck that they were out looking for a dog that had run away. That same person also mentioned that the driver of the truck never said anything along the lines of avoiding anything in the road or even leaving his lane for that matter. But I'm glad that you're giving up on trying to defend your fake news. And as entertaining as this has been, I do have better things to do.
Ok dear. After the accident happened and Sam got out , my dad and passerby’s who saw accident went to look for dog, since they saw dog get out. The driver of the truck admitted to the cops everything and is in the report as doing so. Thank you for your BS response once again.
I’m so very glad that all parties are okay, but I truly wish that people would take precautions in securing their pets inside their vehicle while traveling. There are devices that are safe and effective that prevent this kind of thing from happening.

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