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Bowmanstown makes changes to 2019 budget

Published November 30. 2018 11:59AM

Bowmanstown borough council held a special meeting Thursday to review the 2019 budget that was previously advertised.

The budget was changed to add the cash on hand carry-over figure for checking, savings and capital funds accounts in the amount of $473,000.

During the meeting, the proposed cost of health care for borough employees was adjusted. The previous budget accounted for health care increases, however, the actual increase came in at 18 percent, which was much higher than anticipated. Council unanimously approved changing the figures for the increase.

Also addressed during the meeting was a cost-of-living increase for borough employees. The initial budget called for a 2.8 percent increase, which would be approximately $3,000 total.

Councilman William Ravert said the personnel committee recommended no raises for 2019.

Councilwoman Barbara Eastland said, “$3,000 I think could be used in a more effective way this coming year in town.”

Eastland suggested using the money to fix roads in the Meadowcrest section of town.

“Many people in Meadowcrest are very unhappy with the roads,” she said.

Eastland made a motion and Ravert seconded to not have a cost-of-living increase for employees. The motion passed 4-2 with Councilmen Darren Thomas and Rob Moyer opposed.

After the vote, Thomas said that employees are 9 percent behind where they should be when it comes to the cost-of-living wage increases.

Council voted to advertise the new 2019 budget for public review. Councilman Thomas voted no, explaining that he did not agree due to the lack of cost-of-living increase.

Addressing Ravert, Thomas said, “Look at your own numbers. You’re behind, even with the health care costs. You’re neglecting your employees. I don’t stand for that.”

Council will hold another special meeting on Dec. 13 to approve the budget after the 10-day advertising period.

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