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Bowmanstown to conduct survey to qualify for funding

Published February 06. 2019 12:39PM

Bowmanstown Council met Tuesday evening and discussed conducting a survey to determine eligibility to receive funding from the state for infrastructure projects.

Council President Kara Scott and council members Pam Leiby and William Ravert met with the Carbon County Planning Commission on Jan. 11 to discuss using the Community Development Building Grant for work on Craig Street.

Because Bowmanstown does not have a population of 4,000 or more, it does not qualify as an entitlement community under Act 179 in the state, and therefore does not receive annual federal funding for projects such as road repairs.

But Scott said the county did receive approval from the state Department of Community and Economic Development to allow the borough to conduct a demographic survey.

If the borough can prove that at least 51 percent of the residents in the Meadowcrest development fall within the state income levels for low to moderate income, then the borough can qualify for CDBG funding for a nonentitled community.

“In recent years, we have been in the 30 percent range,” she said.

In order to fulfill the survey requirements, there has to be 100 percent participation in the survey in Meadowcrest, she said. No one can opt out of answering the survey, because the borough won’t fulfill the requirements.

“Pam and I are willing to go door-to-door,” Scott said. “We cannot have one missed person.”

There are about 75 homes in the development, and the survey also includes apartment dwellers.

Borough secretary Tracy Burbage said they may begin canvassing the development this weekend or next. Once they start, they are required to complete the survey within two weeks. The surveys are then sent to the state DCED, which will compile the results and determine the borough’s eligibility.

Anyone interested in helping with the survey should contact the borough office at 610-852-2455.

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