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Best Commissioners for Carbon County

Published May 16. 2019 12:19PM

I am writing this letter in support of our Carbon County Commissioners Tom Gerhard and Wayne Nothstein for re-election to this office.

For the last eight years they have held this office, and Carbon County has grown and improved under their tenure. In addition to maintaining a balanced budget, Commissioners Gerhard and Nothstein have provided our county with a state-of-the-art 911 system which benefits everyone in our county. This, in addition to their many other accomplishments is why they have my support and vote for re-election.

Commissioners Gerhard and Nothstein are dedicated to the residents of Carbon County, and they need your vote to continue their work improving our county. I ask every Republican primary voter to vote for the team of Gerhard/Nothstein for Carbon County Commissioners. Thank you.

Carol H. Wanyo

Beaver Meadows

Joe, I have no affiliation with Mr. Wayne Nothstein. I do not even live in the area. You are a manipulative person that hates President Trump. You are condescending and arrogant. You tried the “level of education” insult on me. That backfired on you since I have a higher level of education than you. You tried to “investigate” my background for purposes of “political opposition.” You came up empty because I provided vague information. I outsmarted you. I know the warped harmful liberal mind. You went on a wild goose chase and wasted your time trying to hunt me down. Liberals like you think the ends justify the means. I am an Air Force veteran with 20+ years of service. You are spiteful...and wrong again. The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. Any affiliation with any other person is merely coincidence. Joe, you are rude and ignorant to assume otherwise.
Where is this “morality” you profess, Joe, to have to laud over the head of President Trump? Does your morality permit you to do “opposition research” against someone that you disagree with? Is it ok with your morality to insult and belittle someone that you never met because you “feel as though” they do not have an advanced degree that exceeds your “level of education?” Is it ok to try to disparage a local politician by associations with someone they, or you, don’t even know? Is it ok with your morality to willfully ignore every positive thing about President Trump’s accomplishments as you dig around for every negative thing possible? You have selective amnesia that highlights tremendous gaps in knowledge and understanding. You display selective morality as well. Your hatred is unchanging & treasonous. Fraudulent morality goes a long way when you use “the ends justify the means” politics, Joe.

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