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AT&T issues continue in Tamaqua

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    A look at the front of the AT&T store located in Hometown. JUSTIN CARLUCCI/TIMES NEWS

Published October 09. 2019 01:57PM


Tamaqua area residents are experiencing major AT&T network issues.

Over the last two days, AT&T cellphone service has essentially been nonexistent in Tamaqua. Calls can’t be made and texts can’t be sent.

Many residents are reaching out to the provider and there seems to be varying feedback as to why nobody’s device will work. One of AT&T’s responses, according to a Facebook post, was that there needs more complaints to escalate the issue.

Mark McCaroll of Tamaqua works from home and makes many daily dials, which is difficult to do without service. “The rep told me that yes, they were aware of the outage,” he said. “She said that they were in the process of repairing, but it is a major tower/parts issue and they will probably need to get someone up on the tower to do repairs; ETA is 4 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday).”

Representatives at the AT&T store in Tamaqua confirmed that there are tower problems. Many troubled customers stopped at the local venue on Wednesday to try and get answers. However, the store reps were not given an estimated resolution time by their corporate peers.

Another Tamaqua AT&T customer called the 1-800 number and was told that they’ve been working on the tower since Sept. 26 to replace the “degraded network,” which is scheduled to be completed by Thursday night. “That’s all the lady on the phone could tell me,” said Scott Cramer of Tamaqua. “She said it was scheduled to be completed by Oct. 10, and that could mean up to midnight.”

The AT&T Customer Care number is 1-800-331-0500.


CEO Randall Lynn Stephenson, Texan, Republican Donor, heavily involved in BSA (creepy). He doesn't care Tamaqua! But, don't forget to pay your bill!
It’s an outage at AT&T. It has nothing to do with politics. You should just start you own blog if you feel that way trumpski. On this note, does anyone else think the Times news doesn’t do much about this A-hole?
Agreed. He's obviously trying to pick a fight. He comments on every single story struggling to either make it Trump's fault, or to try and make some vague connection between the subject of the article and conservatives. He's obviously a complete embarrassment to his party. If his goal is to convert others to his point of view, he's going about it the wrong way.
CT is rude vulgar and insulting. He has been thrown off the TN site 2 other times: as diggerout and as Trumping to Collusions. He is a cyber bully that contributes nothing toward the polite social interaction that is the intent of this site. He is a hater that rips anyone from a little kid to a community businessman. He celebrates when a soldier or a policeman gets hurt or killed. He insults America and Republicans, especially President Trump. He should be thrown off this site because he has had many chances to change and show respect. How many chances do you need to learn to abide by the few rules of civility required to post on the TN site? All he does is change his name and continue the same way. His misbehavior and cyber bullying makes this site look just as bad as he does. I vowed to stick it right back at him to give him a taste of his own medicine. Then he created a name similar to mine and made vulgar postings hoping others would think it would be me. WHERE IS THE SITE ADMINISTRATOR? Allowing garbage like this makes everyone look bad...especially the TN. Bullies are not welcome here. Normalcy is welcome here, then, there is this.
I wonder if the PA State Police showed up at his place of employment like they did mine.
The Times News had no problem giving them my IP address so they could serve
Blue Ridge Communications with some papers to invade mine and my roommates privacy.
I hate to tell you crazy as he is he has a right to say what he wants. I don't think he's breaking any part of the user agreement, but you folks are with your verbal abuse towards him and personal attacks. That is why the Times News is afraid of a lawsuit. If you want him banned they might as well just close down the forum.
What did you or your roommate do to be placed on the radar of the Police? Yes, he has a right to free speech, no, he doesn't have a right to incite violence. He sounds like your basic keyboard warrior to me. Much like someone like you who apparently advocates drug use based on what few posts of yours I wasted my time reading.
I had AT&T for years with spotty service.I asked them what their plans were for new cell towers for better service in my area and their answer was" That's proprietary information". I dropped them when my contract was up. Too many choices to put up with that bull anymore
ATT or any post paid service is for people that like shiny expensive camera phones they really can't afford to pay for out of pocket. A $50 prepaid phone will do the same job and cost a lot less in the long run.
The 1st Amendment is s beautiful thing! TN knows that stifling it comes with consequences! Hitler
Lenin, Stalin and trump along with their ignorant followers have all tried to kill feedom of speech & the free press. Your fascist like behavior is akin to treason. I won't be addressing you Hoi Polloi directly again. So, in your own vernacular, suck it up buttercup, f*** your feelings and stop whining snowflakes. I don't respect the likes of punk bullies like rambo and her direct harassment. I'm living in your head rent free rambo! You can't go on TN without seeking out my posts.
Yep, in your head, talk about living in squalor!
I ignore 90% of what you people write. Ignore me, you're remedy is that simple if you can control the trumpian, ignorant impulse to lash out like a rabid dog.
As an ATT stockholder, I am concerned about stories like this one. They claim they need more complaints? Clearly they have enough p****d off customers already.

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