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8 apply to fill Lehighton school board vacancy

Published January 05. 2018 01:17PM

Thursday marked 30 days since a vacancy was created on Lehighton Area School District’s board of directors and with the post still unfilled, district residents can now ask a Carbon County judge to take action.

As of presstime, eight people had already filed a petition to fill the vacancy.

Former school board members Gloria J. Bowman, Duane Eidem and David Krause have filed a petition.

Francis Flickinger and Richard Beltz Sr., both of whom ran but were defeated in November’s general election, have tossed their name in the ring.

Other applicants are Rita L. Spinelli, Timothy M. Wagner and Nathan Foeller.

Flickinger got 9.53 percent of the vote for a four-year term, while Beltz Sr. got 22.77 percent of the vote for a two-year term. Both changed their registration to Libertarian between the 2017 primary and general elections and received enough signatures to get their names on the November ballot.

The vacancy was created after Gail Maholick won both a four-year and a two-year term in November’s general election and chose to take the four-year term at Lehighton’s reorganization meeting on Dec. 4.

Remaining board members deadlocked 4-4 on the appointment of Beltz Sr. Directors Larry Stern, Wayne Wentz, Andrew Yenser and Steve Holland opposed the appointment, while Maholick, Joy Beers, David Bradley Sr. and Richard Beltz Jr. were in favor.

Lehighton’s board found itself in a similar situation in 2016 following the death of director William Hill Jr.

At that time, President Judge Roger Nanovic heard from five candidates and ultimately chose David Krause to fill the seat.

Were not Gloria Bowman, Duane Eidem and David Krause also defeated in the
last election? Isn't that WHY they are former School Board Directors? Seems to me the voters have spoken. Hope the Judge takes into account the will of the voters.

Only about 30% of the voters showed up at the polls, so I would say "no, the voters have NOT spoken!". After watching the school board meeting live streamed, I'm disturbed by the behavior of our new members!
So, what you are saying is that the people, who decided to exercise
their right to vote made the decision. The others could have chosen to do so but did not. In my opinion, if you don't go out and vote, don't
Just because 70% of the "voters" were either too lazy or just didn't care enough to vote on election day, it does not mean that the voters have not spoken. The 30% of voters in LASD that actually care how their hard earned taxes are being spent essentially decided for the 70% who apparently do not care enough to take the 5 minutes to have their say in who represents them on the school board.
First of all, you have no idea why the other 70% of the residents of Lehighton did not vote so to call them "lazy" or "they didn't care" is rude and ignorant! Secondly, maybe the 30% of voters have spoken, but they represent a small portion of the Lehighton area and therefore do not represent a true picture of how Lehighton feels about their school board (especially since it was a close election and hardly a landslide decision).
The state makes the voters very aware of election day, that would be the day people vote for the candidates, well in advance of the day you can vote. They even give you an opportunity to vote through an absentee ballot should you be unable to physically show up at the polling station. Since voters know months in advance of election day, and since they can be physically overseas and still be able to cast a vote, I'm going to have to stick with lazy or just do not care enough to vote. It seems this area has a habit of voters voting school board members out of office and a few months later they are reappointed for some reason.
I agree with you 100%, unfortunately. Stupidity can be defined by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It sadly seems to be the normal thing to do around this area with our school board members for some reason.
The band of ham-fisted troglodytes elected by the geniuses of the district miss an important point:

They're too late.

The high school renovation is basically done. Same for the middle school. The elementary center is about to be completed. And the old schools are sold off.

If they wanted to be effective they needed to be on the board five years ago. They're too late. The plans are made. The buildings, for all intents and purposes, are constructed. The financial deals all in place.

The only things these miscreants can accomplish now is screwing up the education process even further, or taking our their misguided aggression on the teachers and staff. I wouldn't put it past them.
Troglodytes? Miscreants? Taking the high road I see.... In the end regardless of point of view the person who received the NEXT HIGHEST AMOUNT OF VOTES should get the seat. This is about an ELECTION, NOT an APPOINTMENT.

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