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Two new murals unveiled at First Friday

The First Friday of April of 2021 celebrated the start of spring on a cool, crisp April evening in the courtyard behind Café the Lodge in Southside Bethlehem. Sounds and melodies of the Wonton Soups filled the chill air as a small crowd assembled. After a 30-minute set, a short ceremony was held to reveal two new murals in the Southside Arts District.

Downtown manager of the Southside Arts District, Missy Hartney, got things started by introducing the artists of the murals. The artists included Devyn Briggs, who was not in attendance, and Maltos con Leche, a Latino family of artists. The youngest artist of the family is only 11 years old. The ribbon-cutting was then executed by the members of Maltos con Leche, Hartney, and Bethlehem city Councilman, Michael Colon.

The Southside Arts District has continued to have local artists display their work all over the Southside for the last few years. The Urban Arts trail is a coordinated path that visitors can walk and use their phone to get information on each piece. Just visit https://southsideartsdistrict.com/urban-arts-trail/ .

Press photos by Lakisha Bonnell Members of the Wontons Soup prepare to start one of their covers “All Star” by the band Smashmouth.
The horn section of the Wontons Soups ignites the crowd with their big band like sounds.
The Wonton Soups warms up the crowd before the ceremony starts.
Southside Arts District Manager Missy Hartney, introduces the artist to the small crowd of First Friday at Café the Lodge in Bethlehem.
The ribbon is cut by Hartney, Colon, and family members of Maltos con Leche, a family of artist that created one of the murals.
Audience patrons stand along the Greenway path behind Café the Lodge to celebrate First Friday in Southside Bethlehem.
PRESS PHOTOS BY LAKISHA BONNELL “Rebuilding and Remembering” is a mural by artist Devyn Briggs that was revealed and is located behind Victory House along the Greenway path.
The mural by Maltos con Leche, located on the fence in the courtyard of Café the Lodge.