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PUBLIC NOTICE ELDRED TOWNSHIP NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND PROPOSED ENACTMENT OF ORDINANCE The Board of Supervisors of Eldred Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, hereby gives public notice of its intention to consider for enactment, and if appropriate enact, the following proposed Ordinance at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Supervisors to be held on July 15, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the meeting will be held virtually, via video and audio advanced communication technology ("ACT"). Information and instruction for remote connection to the virtual meeting will be posted on the Township's website at eldredtwp.org. A public hearing will be held at the aforesaid meeting to consider the proposed Ordinance. All interested persons are hereby given notice to attend the meeting via the available ACT, and to offer such testimony and comment in relation to the proposed Ordinance as they desire. The title and summary of the Ordinance are as follows: AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ELDRED TOWNSHIP ZONING ORDINANCE, TOWNSHIP ORDINANCE #2014-01, AS AMENDED; ESTABLISHING A NEW DEFINITION FOR SHORT-TERM RENTAL; AMENDING THE SCHEDULE OF USES REGARDING THE PERMITTED OR PROHIBITED USE STATUS OF A SHORT-TERM RENTAL IN EACH TOWNSHIP ZONING DISTRICT; ADDING A NEW SECTION 846 PROVIDING SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS FOR PERMITTED SHORT-TERM RENTALS AND PROVIDING FOR OTHER MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS. The proposed Ordinance amends the Township Zoning Ordinance, including, without limitation, the following: A. Section 303, Definitions, is amended by adding a definition entitled "Short-Term Rental ("STR")", as follows: Short-Term Rental ("STR") - Any dwelling unit utilized as a single-family residence rented for the purpose of overnight lodging for a period of thirty (30) days or less, and which meets the definition of "Hotel" for the purpose of imposing an excise tax by the County of Monroe as defined in the County of Monroe Ordinance No. 2004-03, as amended. B. Section 404, District Regulations, is amended by adding "Short-Term Rental" to the list of CONDITIONAL USES in the SCHEDULE OF USES for the following Township zoning districts: RR - Rural Resource District, AR - Agricultural/Residential District, and C - Commercial District. "Short-Term Rental" shall not be a permitted use, and is prohibited, in the R - Residential District and the I - Industrial District. C. A Section 846, previously reserved, is added as follows: 846 Short-Term Rentals In addition to all other applicable standards of this Ordinance, Short-Term Rental uses shall comply with the following: 1. All federal, state and Township statutes, rules, regu lations and ordinances regulating the use of proper ty for Short-Term Rentals. 2. Short-Term Rental of a dwelling unit is not permit ted on a lot if the lot would be non-conforming for regular long-term residential use. 3. Short-Term Rental of a dwelling unit is not permit- ted on a lot where there is a non-conforming use already currently existing on the lot. The foregoing is a summary only. Interested parties should review the actual text of the proposed Ordinance. The proposed Ordinance also provides for other miscellaneous matters. A complete and true copy of the proposed Ordinance is on file and may be examined, without charge or obtained for a charge no greater than the cost of reproduction, by the public at the Eldred Township Municipal Building, 490 Kunkletown Road, Kunkletown, PA 18058, during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A copy of the proposed Ordinance is also available for inspection at the newspaper publishing this legal notice and the Monroe County Law Library, and will be posted on the Township's website at eldredtwp.org. Public comment regarding the proposed Ordinance can also be submitted in writing to the Township Secretary via hand delivery or mailed to the Township offices at 490 Kunkletown Road, P.O. Box 600, Kunkletown, PA 18058, or e-mailed to the Township Secretary at a.velopolcek@eldredtwp.org. All comments must be received by the Township Secretary prior to the Board of Supervisor meeting, and will be read at the meeting. KING, SPRY, HERMAN, FREUND & FAUL LLC Attorneys and Counselors One West Broad Street, Suite 700 Bethlehem, PA 18018 By: Michael A. Gaul, Esquire Solicitor-Township of Eldred July 1, 8