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Says school board is 'drunk with power'

Published March 29. 2014 09:00AM

Dear Times News Editor,

I took the survey on the Lehighton School District website in reference to their proposed building plans.

I felt the survey was bogus because it did not allow me to express my opinion. It is made up of leading questions which are designed to produce the result that the board wants: permission for unrestricted spending of tax dollars that they haven't even taken from us yet.

They will try to justify their plans based upon "safety" and "equality," but I question the validity of those arguments.

Would the hundreds (thousands?) of residents who graduated from Franklin Elementary, for example, say they didn't feel safe, or that they did not have an equal opportunity for an education?

I doubt it very much.

Will an expensive, centralized Elementary Factory Building guarantee a better education for our kids?

I doubt that, too.

These board members who are pushing this building plan are drunk with power and don't care a damn what the taxpayers think.

Susanne Chew


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