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June 13 is last day for Pleasant Valley students

Published March 12. 2014 05:01PM

The Pleasant Valley board of directors said the last school day for students is scheduled to be Friday, June 13. Tentatively, teachers would still have to go June 16, 17, 18, due to school cancellations because of the weather and extreme cold. This would be possible through Act 80 Days.

Geary explained that the state requires 180 days of instruction. Students in K-6th grade must receive 900 hours of instruction and secondary, 7-12 must receive 990 hours of instruction.

ACT 80 Days allows the district to have time to work with teachers to count as a student day, without students having to attend school, if the students have exceeded their 900 and 990 hours.

"We can do that because we have well over 900 hours in both," said Geary. "We can apply to use them for staff development,parent/teacher conferences and data analysis to be approved as Act 80 Days."

Director Len Peeters brought pictures of the Pleasant Valley High School's band room cabinets to show the poor condition they are in.

"They're 18 years old and showing their wear. They need repairs. I was hoping we could possibly do something about them this summer," he said.

He noted that he and other band parents like the design and construction of the PVMS band room cabinets.

Director Susan Kresge asked if he could get an estimate of what the repairs would cost.

Chairman Russ Gould said they would discuss the matter again in the near future.

Assistant Superintendent Chris Fisher reported the removal and replacement of all wet insulation on the PVHS cafeteria roof would cost $35,000 and to restore approximately 15 percent of the roof, at a cost of $180,000. He said the longer they put off the restoration, the more expensive it would be.

Fisher went over what is needed in order to proceed with maintenance building additions for PVE and PVHS stadium.

The PVE maintenance building is subject to water run-off. The soil has gotten softer and has caused some deterioration to the building. First a soil investigation has to be done to make sure the building can be shored up to prevent further deterioration. That cost could be between $6,060-$7,420. The design work for the addition is estimated at $16,500.

The projected addition for the PVHS stadium maintenance building is for a bay or two to be added on the existing building to house mowers and security equipment. The design work for that is $8,000.

"In the beginning it would cost a little but will save the district in time and cost to travel to move the mowers and equipment in the long run," said Geary.

The district wants to know if they can fertilize the playing fields, to make the ground stronger with deeper grass roots and get rid of weeds. The Department of Environmental Protection requires testing to be done first.

"The issue is complicated because we have spray irrigation and it puts so many things in the soil. Before we add more, we have to have the soil tested to determine if there is anything we can do more than we already are. The fields are heavily used, especially in the spring, summer and fall. If there is a way we can make our fields stronger, it will be the better for future use," said Geary.

The board agreed to have Prosser Labs do the testing and submit it to DEP.

"Can we find out how much it costs first before we do it?" asked Kresge.

Fisher said he would have the information by Thursday night's regular school board meeting.

Fisher told the board that he had good news. By exploring different options, he was able to get Internet costs down from $5,343 a month to $4,600 a month and continue to get the same service they had before.

By switching over toip phone service, another cost reduction was obtained.

"Chris is absolutely the best negotiator I've ever seen," said Geary.

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