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Stop the vicious circle

Published July 12. 2014 09:00AM

Dear Editor,

Are unions useful?

I find this an interesting subject. My husband has retired from the government. He paid union dues of approximately $1,000 per year.

If he had taken that money and put it in a savings account, he would have something. He does not get anything from the union. So why should anyone pay union dues to get back absolutely nothing?

So we give the union money, they bargained for our wages. They already know that it is impossible for the demands they put on companies, so they have to lay you off or even close their doors. So who does it help?

The unions don't care if school districts or states are having money problems or have to raise taxes to meet the union demands. All the money you gave them is gone. The worst part is that you had absolutely no say as to how it was spent. You pay for their salaries, traveling, food, entertainment, etc.

It is YOUR taxes that will be raised later in life because of unions making impossible demands today. This just continues in this endless circle. You pay union dues, to make impossible demands, you get nothing from the union, and your taxes are raised to meet the demands.

So if we all stop paying union dues, the vicious circle stops!

It may even save your job.

Hope Gramlich


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