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By the way, there's also football

Published February 01. 2014 09:00AM

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.

Many of us are as excited about it for the ads as we are for the game itself. In fact, in some houses, you might find the bathrooms being flushed more during football action than during the commercials.

The cost of one 30-second ad for the Super Bowl tomorrow is an average of $4 million. So you know the advertisers are going to try to produce something memorable.

Traditionally, firms like Budweiser, Pepsi, and car companies have taken the spotlight, with other firms like Doritos and Sony interjecting some interesting commercials of their own.

Many companies try their best not to unveil the ads until they're actually shown on Super Bowl night.

Other companies give you hints in an effort to stimulate your curiosity.

Some TV stations have been telling us all week that the Full House crew will be reunited in a commercial during the Super Bowl. Wonder if Kimmy Gibbler, the annoying neighbor, will be part of the returning members?

Pepsi has something special planned. It involves a star-studded concert done in the tiny town of Milligan, Neb.

Pepsi's PR machine snuck into Milligan ( Milligan is just about as dead center of America as you can get) quietly. They installed vending machines that distributed free Pepsi.

To increase excitement, Pepsi hosted a concert featuring country music star Lee Brice. The event drew in people from miles around, and was filmed to create advertising for Pepsi products and for its Super Bowl halftime show.

The residents of Milligan, Nebraska sure seemed to enjoy everything Pepsi did for them, and it certainly put their town on the map.

According to the people from Audi, "something scary is coming" on Super Bowl Sunday.

Could it be the all-new 2015 Audi A3 sedan?

Audi's teaser tells us nothing about their actual upcoming spot.

The teaser shows a panel of judges presiding over a dog show, and everyone is being made more than uneasy by the appearance of one particular pooch, a dog that makes one panelist say, "I've never seen a breed like this."

Over the years, Super Bowl has had some real commercial gems.

It has been a full 30 years since the release of Apple's iconic "1984" commercial. The ad is still viewed thousands and thousands of times every day, and is considered by many to be the best commercial ever made.

Budweiser has had its share of hits over the years, many of them utilizing the gorgeous Clydesdales. And who can forget the frogs in Budweiser ads.

According to CNN Money, the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial for 2014 will be heartwarming: a 10-week old puppy and Budweiser's Clydesdale horses.

Whether you watch the Super Bowl commercials for humorous ads, touching commercials, informational news about products, or nonsensical spots, you know you'll probably not be disappointed.

And by the way, the game should be pretty good, too.

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