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L.O.V.E. awards continued

Published October 12. 2013 09:00AM

Last week I talked about how we should give our spouses awards, like the Oscars, Emmy's, CMA's and ESPY'S. We could call these awards, the L.O.V.E. awards (Love's Outstanding and Vivid Events).

Well, I had a few responses and I'd like to share them with you today.

My friend John wins hands down in the "Best-Husband-to-Be-Material" category.

His wife, Susie says, "I'll always remember our first year of college. It was my first time ever away from home and family at Easter. I was the oldest of five kids. Being immature, I was being a big baby about not having an Easter basket for the first time and missing my family.

My now husband, John, and I had been dating for about six months at the time. He saved things from the school cafeteria, a paper plate, got ribbon from who knows where and strung it together, filled it with real grass, and filled it with candy.

Now this was quite a feat considering he didn't have a car and stores weren't close by to just go buy a basket. Plus this effort meant so much more! This was all back in 1968. That's when I knew he had such a kind heart to take time to make something so special for me and that he definitely was the one I wanted to marry. So he became "Best-Husband-To-Be-Material!"

They've been happily married for 43 years.

Meg Carpenito of Palmerton shared this story about her husband, Paul.

"For about a year, every time I fed my husband something with cheese or ice cream, he'd have a bit of pain. Laughing it off, he told me I was trying to kill him. One night we joined my brother Bill and his wife Sue for a great meal out. We had the works with strawberry daiquiris.

"Paul began having some pain in his abdomen. But driving home, we stopped at the Blue Mt. Restaurant for ice cream and milkshakes. The pain got worse. I told him it was just gas. We laughed so hard we almost peed in our pants. But all the way home he moaned and groaned and during the night, he was in so much pain.

"It stopped being funny when a few hours later we were in the hospital. He had diverticulitis. He had a drainage bag and two weeks later, surgery. I spent the next two months tending to his every need and changing a lot of bandages. We were very lucky all worked out so well but we still laugh about his 'gas.'"

Maybe we should award them both with the "Honey, It Ain't Gas" award.

Karoline and Kilian Korman of Trachsville will be married 41 years on Dec. 2.

She says now that she spends more time at home, she gets to work and spend more time with friends playing Bunco, Canasta, etc. But then she feels bad when she doesn't make a nice dinner for when Kilian gets home.

"I would say 'What will you eat tonight?' and he always says 'Oh don't worry. I'll find something.'"

The other thing she loves about Kilian is, "No matter how many hours he works, which usually is about 15, he will still do things for me, like put in the laundry or empty the dishwasher or just get me something to drink. Many of my friends have said they want one just like him. I'm so lucky that he's mine. I so wish he could start taking it easier and start doing things that he wants to do."

Maybe we could give Kilian the "I Live to Make You Happy, Dear" award.

OK. This next one had me laughing so hard.

Betty and Rod Christman of Kunkletown had just finished a meal at Cracker Barrel. In the gift shop, Rob took a hold of Betty's hand as they walked out. He told her, "Your hands are cold." Only Betty wasn't the one with the cold hands. Rob had taken a hold of a complete stranger's hand. Both seemed pretty clueless until Rob spoke and the woman looked at him in surprise.

Meanwhile, Betty had observed the whole thing and is laughing her head off. She wonders if Rob hadn't spoken, how far they would have gotten before they had realized their mistakes. She said she laughed all the way home. Rob failed to see the humor in it.

I think Rob deserves the "But I Thought She Was You" award.

George Moretz of Gilbert was known as the Class Clown at Pleasant Valley High School. He continues to live up to that title today. His wife, Connie, never knows what he'll do next. A lot of his antics involve scaring her.

One night they had watched a scary movie that involved a character who's eyes became shiny and evil. Later as Connie heard a noise coming from the closet, she opened it to find this person with shiny eyes, scaring the bejesus out of her. It was George who had stuck quarters in his eyes.

Another time, she came home late from grocery shopping. She had to get out of the car to open the garage door. As she began to open it, someone grabbed her leg from underneath it. Of course she screamed, exactly the reaction George hoped for.

I think George deserves the "I Live to See How Many Different Ways I Can Scare Her to Death" award.

Thank you to all those who shared your L.O.V.E. award stories. It was a little lopsided because I only heard from the ladies. I'd love to hear from you gentlemen if you'd care to share any of your L.O.V.E. nominations.

I'll leave you with this.

While shopping for vacation clothes, a couple passed a display of bathing suits. It had been at least 10 years and 20 pounds since Jane had even considered buying a bathing suit, so she sought her husband, Al's advice.

"What do you think?' Jane asked. "Should I get a bikini or an all-in-one?''

"Better get a bikini," Al replied. "You'd never get it all in one."

Al is still in intensive care.

Here's his "Open Mouth, Insert Foot" award.

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