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Is a super stadium necessary?

Published November 02. 2013 11:34AM

To The Lehighton Area School Board:

I attended your meeting tonight. I have questions and comments.

What is wrong with Shull-David that you want to close it? I understand that it is on municipal sewer, not a septic system with possible problems. So you want to close it, send all those students to out-lying schools needing septic upgrades.

Could it be you are hoping to line the coffers for the 'super stadium' if and when the hospital buys the Shull-David building? (This is something I 'heard'...that could be another mess for Lehighton).

Tonight's meeting had, at the start, high praises for some of our athletes, and the fine showing they gave for Lehighton.

At the end, we were told that Lehighton school's scholastic performance is low; specifically, math and reading, below Jim Thorpe, Palmerton, and I believe Weatherly. I wonder why sports is more important than learning?

Could it be that our athletes need to fulfill the athletic requirements at the expense of being able to stay awake in school for the learning part of their day?

I don't know how many students we have in the Lehighton Area School system, but, I'd like to know the number of students and the number of athletes.

Then, I would like to know how many of the athletes are expected to be NFL league, etc. in order to warrant a SUPER STADIUM???

I do not believe that we, here in Lehighton, should have such high sports dreams if we cannot produce well-educated students. Something is drastically wrong here.

Let's take pride in education before sports scores! And let's maintain buildings in the first place before needing to even 'think' about building new ones.

Ruthann Schlecht


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