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An answer to America's problems

Published November 02. 2013 11:34AM


NSA (National Security Agency)has become an international spying agency. Affordable Care Act will prove to be unaffordable, and Obama really don't care.

While Fukashima keeps spewing out radioactivity waste into the Pacific Ocean, the USA keeps raising its radioactive exposure safety standards to allow more exposure on its citizens.

The middle class is disappearing while the poor are having benefits cut, and the rich can't be bothered.

The US Constitution is under attack by those who have sworn an oath to protect it.

The government is stockpiling weapons and billions of rounds of ammo, while telling Americans that they need to disarm. The Tea Party and Christians appear to have become an enemy of the state, while illegals have more rights than citizens.

It has been said, woe to those who call good evil and evil good, who exchange darkness for light. An optimist will still see light at the end of the tunnel; a pessimist will turn the other way; an ideologist will choose not to have tunnel vision.

The whole world seems to be in constant turmoil with the America leading the charge. There is a solution to turn this mess around.

Get God back into the schools; get the fathers back into the home; get manufacturing back into America; stop all foreign aid; and bring our troops home. And everybody will live happily ever after.

Rich Saporito

West Mifflin

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