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What's on your bucket list?

Published May 25. 2013 09:03AM

I've had this white wicker furniture for almost 25 years. It's been painted and repainted. Piece by piece, it's slowly disintegrated.

Last year, my mom was sitting on one of the chairs when the legs gave way and down she went! After the shock and realization that she was OK, we couldn't help but laugh at the expression on her face when she went down. (Yes I know, we're a caring lot.)

Of course we became suspicious of the other chair and when it was noted that it too looked like it was on its last leg, (pun intended) it joined its partner in the trash.

This week Harry used the footstool to water the hanging plant and his foot went right through it. I was very upset. I missed the whole episode! I know I would have laughed my head off. Fortunately he was OK with just a minor scratch.

So now my four-piece patio set is down to one piece ... the love seat. Which of course is now totally untrustworhty.

We have company coming for a Memorial Day picnic. I need new furniture.

I was in Target's patio furniture department and liked the bright colorful Adirondack plastic chairs. Loved the price of $17 a piece more than the $400-$700 price tag of the beautiful four-piece sets.

But I wasn't going to buy any until I took one out for a test drive. Or should I say, a test sit.

I removed one from the stack. It sat a little low, but was very comfortable. Relaxing, I did a little daydreaming, trying to picture four new chairs on my patio, where I would position them and deciding which of the bright happy colors I should buy. I thought four different colored ones would give it a beachy kind of feel. I'm all about the beach, you know.

Then I tried to get out of the chair. Hmmm. Being somewhat lower presented a slight challenge. "Note to self," I said, "maybe these aren't good for someone like Mom or Aunt Peg and Uncle Dick." Actually, it was just my way of rationalizing how difficult it was for me to get out of it.

As I scootched myself forward, the dang chair scootched itself backward. Note to self as I felt myself in mid air ..."This isn't going to be pretty!"

Down I went. Right on my bum on the floor. It jolted so bad my upper teeth hit the bottom teeth so hard I had to check to see if they were still attached to my gums.

And of course there was an audience.

This very kind lady immediately came to my aid. "Are you all right? Here let me help you up," she offered.

I looked at her proffered hand and her skinny little 100 lb. body and had a vision of her ending up on top of me in her efforts, a whole Comedy Central moment waiting to happen.

"Thank you so very much," I said with as much dignity as I could muster, "but I think I'd be better off getting up on my own. But thank you."

As I sat there, contemplating life, I noticed how very clean Target's floor was. Not a dust bunny in sight. Kudos to Target.

I eventually made it to an upright standing position. I put the offending chair back on top of the stack and limped away. No Adirondack chairs for this gal.

That $350 four-piece set started making a lot more sense. If it lasts 25 years, well, the cost really comes down to peanuts, now doesn't it?


We got our letter inviting us to our 45th class reunion. I don't know how it happened, but evidently 45 years has come and gone since Harry and I graduated from Pleasant Valley.

The form to send back asks us to tell what's going on in our lives. Somehow, I don't think my classmates will care about my search for patio furniture.

Another question is, "What's on your bucket list?" At dinner last night I asked Harry if he had a bucket list and what was on it. He said, "What's a bucket list?"

I said, "Well, I guess if you don't know what it is, you don't have one."

Upon further discussion, Harry would like to overhaul his '64 Chevy. I'd like to travel. There are still some places I'd like to visit. Like Wal-mart, Kmart, Boscov's ... I know there's a patio set out there somewhere with my name on it and a price tag to fit my wallet.

What's on your bucket list? Hope it's more exciting than mine.


This talking about the class reunion made me think about all the special people I love from my class.

In grade school I was part of a threesome. It was Connie, Dora and Linda. The Kunkletown Three. We were best friends who did everything together ... Girl Scouts, junior choir practice, Sunday School, 4H, swimming at the creek, skating at the pond, hanging out on the playground, fishing, playing "House", bike riding ... the list is endless.

Two weeks ago, our church's annual Ladies Spring Fling event was. This was the first year Dora was able to be a part of the committee, which Connie and I are members of. As Connie and Dora were in fat suits and I was padded even more than I already am for our skit that we performed for 128 ladies, (wearing Depends pads for protection because Dora loves to make us laugh until we pee in our pants,) Dora leaned over and whispered, "The Kunkletown Three...together again."

It was an awesome moment. To think that our friendship has survived for over 57 years ... well, that's just very special.

I know something I can add to my bucket list ... to always cherish good friends and tell Connie, Dora, Sharon, Bev, Connie, Brenda, Bonnie, Shirley, Wanda, Sandy, Paulette, Diann, Devoe, Renee, Patti and Diane that their friendship means all the world to me.

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