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Thank God for blessing America

Published May 25. 2013 09:03AM

Dear Editor:

I am very thankful I am no longer affected by the Vietnam War, I feel I was tricked into believing was necessary to save us from being taken over by Communism according to our government, a seemingly long time ago in our American history. I just hate to see young people in America still being coerced into believing it is their patriotic duty to go die in some foreign, unnecessary war to now save America from being taken over by Islam.

I realize there will always be man-made wars started somewhere in the world in order to settle some sort of dispute, but to feel it is always necessary for America to be required to go fight and die in these politically influenced conflicts halfway around the world is a wrong concept. I am all for protecting the people of America through our home defense system by guarding all of the borders of the United States, and profiling anyone coming into America who is not a legitimate natural born citizen, like our ally Israel does.

Our National Guard was always meant to be stationed here in the U.S. in case home defense was needed, or a natural calamity such as this present day disaster in Oklahoma, so they would always be available to help the American people, not to be dying in some predominately Muslim country where we will always be hated as a Christian Nation. Now, the National Guard is sent all over the world to fight in these senseless wars which are encouraged by our government, which I am totally against.

"Those who forget the past; are doomed to repeat it." Vietnam should have been a lesson learned, but instead over 40 years later our government has America right back in the same situations. I will never be for war as being the answer to solving problems in the world, but I would go fight again in a minute if some foreign enemy tried to attack our homeland to take away our freedoms, and I would be willing to sacrifice my life for the preservation of our human rights as an American citizen.

Furthermore, as my patriotic duty I am proud to honor and memorialize all of the brave, courageous men and women who have served our country in times of war, and have sacrificed their lives to keep America the great country it still remains to this day, and I will also continue to "Thank God" everyday for blessing America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

John M. "Jack" Selby


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