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Whitehall repeats as champ

  • The winners in the 14-15-year old age group at the ninth annual Blue Bomber Football Invitational Weightlifting Competition display their medals.
    The winners in the 14-15-year old age group at the ninth annual Blue Bomber Football Invitational Weightlifting Competition display their medals.
Published May 10. 2013 05:02PM

Over one hundred football players along with their family members, friends, and coaches packed the Palmerton High School gymnasium for the ninth annual Blue Bomber Football Invitational Weightlifting Competition recently.

For the second consecutive year, Whitehall captured the team championship on the strength of seven gold, five silver, and five bronze medals. The 44 team points earned by the Zephyrs were enough to comfortably better second place Palisades' 20 and third place Palmerton's 18 for the team title.

Two meet records were broken and both were performances by Whitehall Zephyrs. Weighing in at 204 pounds, Jacob Kerchner bettered Tamaqua's Pete Conforti's 2011 record by squatting an even 500 pounds to go along with his bench press of 275 pounds to total 775. Teammate Jeff Cordon broke Marian Catholic's Anthony Damiano's 2011 mark with a squat of 500 pounds and a bench of 315 while weighing in at 222 pounds.

Kerchner's record breaking performance earned him the Meet's Most Outstanding Lifters in the 16-18 year old category. While in the 14-15 age group, top honors went to Panther Valley's Dylan Moyer with 305lb squat and 250lb bench, while weighing just 183lbs.


Team Pts.

1. Whitehall 44

2. Palisades 20

3. Palmerton 18

4. Northampton 15

5. Tamaqua 11

14-15 year-old division

120-pound weight class

GOLD: Jacob Wasser, Palisades 330 (200/130)

135 pounds

GOLD: Jiovani Datis-Cordero, Northampton 370 (215/155)

SILVER: Trevor Shilling, Tamaqua

BRONZE: Mac Allen, Palmerton

150 pounds

GOLD: Kyle Maloney, Palisades 435 (260/175)

SILVER: Shubham Patel, Whitehall

BRONZE: Anthony Vavra, Panther Valley

165 pounds

GOLD: Jared Mittl, Whitehall 445 (250/195)

SILVER: Mason Fisher, Whitehall

BRONZE: Jared Mooney, Palmerton

180 pounds

GOLD: Jared Scott, Palisades 535 (335/200)

SILVER: Derek Mattison, Whitehall

BRONZE: Eric Marlatt, Palmerton

195 pounds

GOLD: Dylan Moyer, Panther Valley 555 (305/250)

SILVER: Zachary Hixson, Whitehall

BRONZE: Jacob Marcola, Tamaqua

210 pounds

GOLD: Alex Quaglieri, Northampton 565 (345/220)

SILVER: Baily Forte, Mahanoy

BRONZE: Garrett Dieter, Palmerton

225 pounds

GOLD: Adam Klatka, Tamaqua 350 (200/150)


GOLD: Jericho Burger, Palmerton 515 (315/200)

SILVER: Sam Zmyewski, Palmerton

16-18 year-old division

150 pounds

GOLD: Ronnie Okundo, Whitehall 505 (315/190)

SILVER: Devaun Henry, Pocono Mountain West

BRONZE: River Rodriguez, Palmerton

165 pounds

GOLD: Julian Tabb, Northampton 580 (330/250)

SILVER: Christian Gretzinger, Palisades

BRONZE: Conor Sullivan, Whitehall

180 pounds

GOLD: Alonzo Mann, Whitehall 650 (405/245)

SILVER: Darius Young, Whitehall

BRONZE: Tyler Cyriax, Whitehall

195 pounds

GOLD: Saquon Barkley, Whitehall 650 (375/275)

SILVER: James Donnelly, Palisades

BRONZE: Scott Howett, Whitehall

210 pounds

GOLD: Jake Kerchner, Whitehall 775 (500/275) * New Meet Record

SILVER: Tre Nelson, Palmerton

BRONZE: Nick Coccio, Tamaqua

225 pounds

GOLD: Jeff Cordon, Whitehall 815 (500/315) * New Meet record

SILVER: Anthony Maradeo, Palmerton

BRONZE: Josh Kachmar, Mahanoy

240 pounds

GOLD: Stephen Bolusky, Mahanoy Area 700 (405/295)

SILVER: Alex Raub, Palmerton

BRONZE: David Mazsnik, Pocono Mountain West

255 pounds

GOLD: Orlando Bonilla, Whitehall 745 (460/285)

SILVER: Rian Shubeck, Panther Valley

BRONZE: Edgardo Rivera, Whitehall


GOLD: Cody Houser, Tamaqua 820 (500/320)

SILVER: Ben Henry, Palisades

BRONZE: Obayda Moussa, Whitehall

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