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Easter is the celebration of life

Published March 30. 2013 09:02AM

I was inspired to write this article, because of a "Dear Abby" column I had recently read, which bothered me to the point of wanting to respond to the wrong advice given to a mother who had supported her 22 year old daughter's decision to terminate the life of her unborn child, even though this mother had considered herself to be "pro-life". This struck me as being the epitome of hypocrisy for someone who claimed to be against the killing of the unborn, to feeling like she had to support her daughter in whatever her decision was going to be, even if it meant murdering her own grandchild.

I am probably considered very old fashion in my way of reasoning in this all together changing new world us older folks are having to deal with today. I am so thankful I was brought up in a period of time when moral values determined most of our parent's decision making in life changing situations. Religious or moralistic consideration in most of today's younger generation when making life and death decisions seem to be a thing of the past. Today it is whatever makes it simpler and less complicating for the one making the choice, even when it will determine whether an unborn child lives or dies. When a young woman is suddenly faced with an unexpected pregnancy and must decide what to do next, why should murdering the life within them even cross their mind? I do realize there are a very few cases where the life of the mother is in danger, and a serious medical choice must be made, but with most of the unexpected pregnancies of today, giving life to the unborn should be the only choice made.

One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make as in this case of the mother supporting her daughter's decision to abort her child, is for a parent to feel they must primarily be their child's best friend under any circumstance. This has become a troubling misconception of how a parent's relationship with their children should be. The primary function of a parent is to give proper guidance to their children while growing up by instilling them with moralistic values, respect for human life, while disciplining them when they need it most to know right from wrong, and supporting them only in making the right decisions which could affect their future lives. In giving them good financial advice on how to handle their money, and most important is to give them a strong conviction for believing in the only true God in Heaven, because this will always be their most help in knowing how to make the proper decisions and choices throughout their lives.

Parents can someday be their children's best friend, but only after they have grown up, and have become proven responsible young adults, and are settled in their careers and their lives in general. Your children are a reflection of what you as their parent have taught them from the time they first realized you were their primary source of information and understanding of life around them. This is why it is so important for every generation of parents to realize the importance of teaching their children the value of human life at a very early age, so when it is their turn to become a parent, even unexpectedly, they will cherish the honor of parenting, and not want to throw away this chance to display their true love and affection for this precious gift of life from God.

John M. "Jack" Selby


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