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A connect, logical explanation

Published March 16. 2013 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

God: For those who do not believe no proof is possible. For those who do believe no proof is necessary. Even though Stephen Hawking does not believe, he is one of my favorite authors.

British astronomer Fred Hoyle likened the odds against the spontaneous assembly of life to those of a whirlwind sweeping through a junkyard and producing a fully functioning Boeing 747. The following is from the book "The Philosophical Scientists," by David Foster. The following is a list of the number of each of the amino acids that make haemoglobin - GLY - 36, ALA - 68, SER - 31, TYR - 30, PRO - 25, VAL - 56, ILE -1, LEV - 69, PHE - 28, THR - 14, TRY - 4, CYS - 5, MET - 6, ASP - 47, GLU -29, AMIDE N (including GLN and ASN) 38, ARG - 12, HIS -32, LYS -43.

"Even if the requisite amino-acids had been shuffled once a second through all the time of life on earth, haemoglobin could never have been produced by random chance. The words 'never' and 'impossible' are difficult concepts, but the physicists have studied such words and have defined 'never' in terms of zero in any operational sense of an event! This is a correct logical definition since we live in a finite universe and so nothing can have happened which would need more time than the life of the universe."

Darwin's theory of evolution is wrong.

"Darwin's theory of evolution relies on chance mutations being crystallized by natural selection or the survival of the fittest. But it totally underestimated the time duration, which such a theory would need: trillions of times longer than the existence of the universe."

The following quote is from the book "God: What People Have Said About Him," by Lothar Kahn.

Jacques Maritain (1882- 1973)

"In my view, God educated us through our deceptions and mistakes, in order to make us understand at last we ought to believe only in Him and not in man."

Michael S. Rother,


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