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Published March 09. 2013 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

February 23rd's editorial page A3 featuring Religious Faith Will Never Die Out by Henry the Free Thinker and Hope's Gramlich's opinion regarding a government land grab of private property titled Use Land In The Interest of Society deserve another reading.

Please don't be angry with me Mr. Free-Think for popping your bubble.

You had 12 anti-religious quotes. I have a 24 K gold weight idea from a guy who shares your first name. "Religion is culture internalized and culture is religion externalized." "Henry" to his friends, otherwise known as Cornelius Van Til was a Dutch born immigrant to the United States. Dr. Van Til lived a few blocks away from me in Delaware County for a decade. The philosopher ran the Apologetics Department at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Apologetics has to do with defense of faith and arguments for what is true. He taught that a "Brute Fact" is completely without basis. Ideas don't float in a bubble as self evidence like quotes equivalent to a cartoon speech balloon. Dr. Van Til brokered a way to think and verify with meaning in a system called pre-sup-position-al-ism. That is a discipline not a religion. Van Til was a Christian man of tremendous reasoning ability. He taught students how to think critically.

Presuppositional thinking is best explained by saying that what holds the idea is more important than the particular idea itself. For instance a very hot cup of tea is less significant then the porcelain china cup that holds liquid at a temperature shy of steam over your lap. If you disagree with me then just turn that cup upside down and very soon you will be a committed believer on my side of an argument.

We have just gone from an idea, to the material world with a practical every day application of physical science. Theory's transfer!

This simple idea of a BRUTE FACT is more then just getting a context. Presupposing considerations are more powerful then E= Mc2 because while nuclear power can blow people up into smithereens ppresuppositional apologetics done well is a tool that can be used to tear down "strongholds." (Ephesians 6) and also rebuild a Christian Republic.

Van Til was a Reformed Theologian and a re-constructionist. Don't be bothered that you may not know what these two "R" words are Henry. I did not have a clue as to what you meant by saying the"wantonist

function of the natural world" in your editorial last week. "Reformed is a system to handle interpreting the scriptures. Reconstruction is what Lincoln wanted for the south after the Civil war. Rebuilding with integrity to the constitution is what many of us want now with Tea Party ideas in believing we are Taxed Enough Already.

Secular and sacred are distinctions but everyone is religious even atheists and governments like I illustrated in A Brilliant Lawyer from Saturday OP/ED 1/26/13. We vs them distinctions are often not helpful in getting to real progress as culture and our efforts as individuals are are better spent determining the sinful idols of our heart. We all tend to serve money, sex. power, food and fame. "By faith" the Old Testament Habakkuk wrote you can turn them over to a redeemer for "fruits of the Spirit" as explained by a converted Jew in the book of Galatians. The first thing we need to do is get out of our bubble and have roots to ideas in the continuity of history with a knowledge of scripture.

Dear Henry Shackled-To-A- Ball&Chain, We are all grounded to certain realities. If you would ever like to discuss freedom in Christ over a cup of hot coffee just give me a ring. Its on me. I'll hold my own mug

thank you,

Robert Dages

Jim Thorpe

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