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Give pit bulls a break

Published June 22. 2013 09:01AM


In response to your say Pit Bulls are "menace to society" ????

I do believe it is the other way around "Humans with bad intentions or sick minds are a menace to Pit Bulls" !!!

So what if the ill minded humans wanted to train poodles to fight? Would poodles then become a menace to society?

A dog, no matter what the breed, is not born to being a "menace" or a fighter, no more than a baby is born to become a priest or a gang member!

It is as a direct result of the conditions or training or environment they are brought up in!

Give this poor breed a break.

Maybe it is "pure ignorance" and "uneducated blindness" as to why people are so quick to judge and point a finger. This goes well beyond picking on pit bulls.

So when I invite you to come to my home, to visit with my little eight-week old puppy, wagging her tail and wanting to lick your hand, you will automatically stand behind a fence and say "oh no, can't pet her, she is a future menace to society?

How ridiculous is your thinking !!!! Go after the people who take these poor animals and teach them and train them to fight by torture and so on........write an article about them - or maybe put some big boy boots on and really expose the issue.

Leave the poor defenseless animals alone, go find the real criminals in this picture!

Sabrina Wilson


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