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Development of park discussed in Penn Forest

Published June 20. 2013 05:03PM

The Penn Forest Township board of supervisors met Wednesday to discuss plans for the development of the Penn Forest Township recreational park.

No one came forward with public comment at the meeting so Gregg Pavlick of Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. took to the floor to discuss his proposal for stage one of the park project.

"One of the things I absolutely recommend at this site is that the infiltration areas are staked out and protected," said Pavlick. If something were to go wrong with the infiltration areas, Pavlick said the conservation groups would become involved, halting the process.

Phase one includes a survey of the services and the existing areas; a review of background information, design documents, contract documents and grant information; estimation of costs associated with the project; and a report on the information Pavlick gathers through the surveys and reviews.

Supervisor Alan Katz asked Pavlick if he could have the report by July 1, which Pavlick said he could.

Pavlick also brought to the attention of the township that if Hanover Engineering Associates, Inc. were to miss something in its design plan for the site, the board and Pavlick would have to discuss the pros and cons of fixing the mistake.

Fixing a mistake will add additional time to the length of the project, Pavlick noted.

How long the project will take to be completed will also be determined by the contractors who receive the bid to complete the construction.

"Depending on the contractor that you would get for this project, it's entirely different on how much time you will need to spend at this site. There are some contractors that I can actually sit with for an hour at the site and feel comfortable that they are going to do everything right. There are other ones that you are going to get it's a public bid that you are going have to baby-sit," said Pavlick.

"Before contractors go out, we will have to have an agreement on the fees," he added.

Pavlick estimated the fees associated with phase one of the project as $2,400 to survey; $2200 to review the background information, plans, contract, and grant information; $1,200 to provide a cost estimate; and $1,000 for the report which adds up to a total of $6,800 in expenses.

"What I can see right now, we don't have enough money to do this project. Reviewing the money we have right now, when we get done paying (James) Morrissey, we will have some odd $30,000 left," said Katz.

Morrissey's company was assigned the job of widening SR903 for a total of $196,674 in May.

Katz said the board will have to know in July how much they will have to dip into the general fund. Katz estimated they will need $200,000 more to finish the project.

"I think that all of our intentions are to make this successful; to do good by our neighbors," said Katz.

Pavlick was called up by Supervisor Paul Montemuro to examine retention pond locations before the board motioned to appoint Barry Isett to oversee all phases of construction and advise on-site workers and protocols of Penn Forest Township Recreational Park at the approved proposal of $6,800. The motion passed unanimously.

The next motion was to have a minimum of three board members sign checks funding the recreational park project to ensure that the township is in compliance with government auditing standards.

Montemuro opened the motion up for discussion.

"OK, first off, you don't have to follow the governmental thing when you're going with grant money. Second thing is the DCNR grant … specifically said they want to stick with one person, not a board of people. So the board is going to have to pick someone that is going to be in charge directly with them. And also, put the bond up," said Montemuro.

Katz cut in, "OK, that is absolutely false. Misinformation to the public."

Katz said he was told by Dennis DeMara that one person signing off on a check of this kind is irregular.

The motion was passed. Montemuro was the only supervisor in opposition.

Following was a motion to have secretary/treasurer Mary Ann Lewellyn create accounts in the Edmunds accounting system, disburse checks and maintain books and records. Montemuro called for discussion.

"I want the account to be audited so every penny that has been spent to this point has a receipt that backs up, so that way my name is totally clear," said Montemuro.

"The board will sign off that everything is there and accounted for. That's what I want so my name is clear," added Montemuro.

Supervisor Christine Fazio and Katz agreed to Montemuro's request and the motion was passed unanimously.

The supervisors called for an executive session.

When the meeting resumed the motion to require members of the park and recreation committee to have the ability to be bonded for $25,000 was passed unopposed as well as the motion to appoint Felver, Cefaili and Associates, Inc. to the park and recreation committee pending a satisfactory compilation of the PA State Police background check and Act 34 clearances.

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