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Woman charged for theater incident

Published July 31. 2013 05:06PM

Coaldale police have charged a Tamaqua woman for causing a ruckus in a movie theater.

Melissa Ann Bailey, 33, of 12 W. Broad St., Apt. 304, is charged with disorderly conduct/hazardous/physically offensive conduct, and disorderly conduct/obscene language/gesture.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Officer Joseph Krebs, at 8:28 p.m. July 20, Bailey was creating a disturbance at the Angela Theater. When he arrived he saw a woman with three young children standing at a counter talking with an employee. Another woman was standing at the end of the counter.

Krebs spoke with Bailey, who told him that she and her children were in the theater watching "Conjuring," an R-rated horror film. Bailey told Krebs that the husband of the woman who was standing at the end of the counter had spoken to her in a rude manner, cursing and screaming.

While she was talking Krebs had to remind her several times to keep her voice down and to stop cursing because her children were standing next to her and she was in a public place.

Bailey then demanded charges be filed against the woman and her husband because of the way they acted toward her and her children. Krebs told her he would not file charges until he could prove that a crime had been committed.

Bailey was shocked at his answer and yelled at him.

Krebs then spoke with the other woman, Marni Reid. He spoke with her farther away from the area due to Bailey's continued comments. Reid said that Bailey's children were laughing and carrying on throughout the movie and that everyone was upset by them. Reid said she and her boyfriend, Edward Hoffman, asked Bailey to keep the children quiet.

Reid said she saw Bailey leave the children alone in the theater for a short time during which they were louder than usual by laughing at parts of the movie that were not funny.

When Bailey returned Hoffman confronted her about the situation. Reid said she complained to an employee, Joseph Tenisci, about the situation, but he had done nothing about it at the time. When Reid returned to her seat Bailey told her that "this is a free country."

Reid said she asked one the children to please be quiet, and that Bailey told her not to "talk to my 5-year-old." Reid said that Bailey then spilled her drink and loudly blamed it on Reid.

Bailey continued to be loud, sarcastically telling her children, "I'm sorry, girls. You can't laugh. Were you laughing? How dare you guys laugh."

Hoffman then went to the lobby to ask for a refund and got into a verbal altercation with Bailey.

Krebs spoke with Hoffman and numerous witnesses after the movie was over. Some witnesses would not provide a written statement. Some witnesses said that Bailey at some points during the movie would ask her children to be quiet. At one point she told them if they would not be quiet they would have to go outside while she finished watching the movie.

Hoffman said he did not use foul language but did tell Bailey to "leave, shut up and to watch her bratty kids."

After the movie, several patrons began to yell at Bailey and argue with her. Bailey started to yell and scream at the crowd. Some of the patrons wondered aloud why Bailey would bring such young children to an R-rated movie.

Bailey told Krebs she would be contacting her lawyer, along with the TIMES NEWS, about the incident.

Bailey left the theater but once outside kept yelling. Her children were screaming and carrying on as well.

Krebs warned her to calm down and to keep her children quiet, and to leave, or she would be coming with him to the police station. She told him she was waiting for her ride home. Bailey's children kept yelling at Krebs that "it was their right, and that he could do nothing about it."

One of the children wanted to fill out a statement form, but Krebs said no because of the child's age. Krebs gathered up his statements, and noticed that Bailey's ride had arrived. He spoke with the theater's owners, and they asked him to tell Bailey she was not welcome there.

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