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Do the crime, serve the time

Published July 06. 2013 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

We write to you in response to a letter printed in the TIMES NEWS 6-22-13, submitted by Mr. David Yelito.

Mr. Yelito addressed the point that Schuylkill County DA Karen Byrnes Noon intends to have him removed as councilman in Coaldale. He seems to feel this action is unjustified. In the state of Pa., a convicted felon shall not hold public office; and Mr. Yelito, you are a convicted felon!

Very very clear! Do the crime serve the time (and suffer the penalty). Does he not think that selling a controlled substance to an undercover officer should carry a penalty? The deterrent factor alone makes this feasible. He stated just about everyone in Coaldale and the surrounding areas knew of his conviction... wrong Mr. Yelito... residents move on, new ones settle in and believe it or not they did not pass on this info. As to the particulars of your conviction. The one person who we are sure had knowledge of it was you, Mr. Yelito, and you seated yourself on council without sharing that information with anyone.

Most residents first learned of your conviction when council came up with the "no brainer" to terminate it's full time police officers and hire them back as part timers; a ploy to wipe out their benefits such as: health care, holidays, and pay grades, that they had earned thru service and dedication. When residents challenged this action you were most vocal in defending it. That is when most of the people learned of your conviction. It was when people questioned this drastic change and began checking council.

As for Mr. Yelito's conjecture they saved the borough from going bankrupt, we say "show us the facts."

To Mr. Yelito, Coaldales self-proclaimed hero, who claims he will keep our borough SAFE, CLEAN, and SOLVENT, we say DREAM ON but one day you may collide with reality.

In conclusion we would like to revive the phrase that Oliver Hardy said many times to Stan Laurel, and pass it on to Dave Yelito... "This is a fine mess you've gotten us into."

Thank you.


Concerned Citizensof Coaldale

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