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Secretary of State Clinton plays the blame game

Published January 26. 2013 09:02AM

Congress is wasting their time and our money on the Benghazi hearings over the massacre of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. Instead of working on the real problem, they are playing the blame game, trying to deflect the responsibly for the murders. The Democrats are blaming the Republicans for failing to fund security at the embassies. Republicans are blaming Secretary of State Clinton for failing to understand the threats and employ the appropriate security to protect the embassy. Despite the baloney coming from the mouths of our elected officials, We The People are not stupid! We know that this is just a performance by both parties to spread the manure around so that it sticks to no one.

It doesn't take several congressional hearings and weeks of deliberations to understand where the problem lies. The State Department ignored warnings from several other governments and the State Department's own security experts. Whether or not her Majesty Secretary Clinton knew about the threats via e-mail, telephone calls, or personal meetings is irrelevant. She knew of the serious threat to the embassy before the attack and did nothing. The State Department ignored the dangers and failed to protect Americans serving our nation overseas. The only people who came to assist the embassy where former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. While they were fighting to protect Americans, our government failed to deploy Marines, as well as air and naval assets that were in the region. We had Navy destroyers, helicopters and planes ready to attack if someone had just given the order.

Within an hour of the attack our president met with the Defense Secretary and the Vice President. I don't know what was said in the meeting, but I do know that no help was sent to assist the Navy SEALs who bravely fought to the death in a modern day Alamo.

I believe that the president failed to send help to protect our embassy because it would confirm that Al Qaeda is still very active even though Osama bin Laden may have been killed. The president felt it was more important to prepare for his fundraiser in Las Vegas than to protect American lives. The president was more concerned about his reelection than about responding in force to an attack on American soil. (Under International law, our embassies are considered American soil). Clearly the United States was attacked and the president not only failed to act, but went to a party in his honor. Just as Emperor Nero played a fiddle while Rome burned, our president ignored an attack on the United States of America. Sadly, he not only got away with it, he was reelected.

The time to act was at the first hint of trouble. Several Apache helicopters could have ferried Marines to Benghazi and acted as gunships to protect our compound.

Marines could have landed, killed the insurgents and possibly saved the lives of our ambassador and the brave ex-Navy SEALs who died protecting the ambassador. To me, the president was more worried about how his Muslim friends and brothers would react if we deployed our forces to protect the embassy. For this, the president should be impeached! President Obama ignored his duty to protect America and its citizens. Instead, Condoleezza Rice was briefed with a bogus story of a film inciting Arabs to attack American interests. The attack was a responsibility of a Hollywood filmmaker, not Al Qaeda. This is a bunch of bull crap and everybody knows it. That such a smart lady is Susan Rice was deceived into appearing on five major talk shows demonstrates how Obama's lies turned her into the sacrificial lamb and deflected the attacks that should have been pointed at the administration.

Our government was and remains too sensitive to world opinion. Quite frankly, I don't care what the world thinks. The message should be clear. As soon as American lives are in danger, all the resources of our armed forces and secret services should be focused on freeing our citizens and punishing the perpetrators. The world will always damn Americans as imperialists, yet they will still put their hands in our pockets to steal our money to enrich their dictators. When the crap hit the fan, the administration not only sacrificed the ex Navy SEALs but they sacrificed the 66th Secretary of State. She was the designated inmate because she served under President George W. Bush. What a great pick! Ms. Rice is well known, a trusted advisor to a former president and the potential rival to Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. The administration briefed Ms. Rice with lies and set her up to take the fall. What is sad is that Ms. Rice was acting in what she believed was the best interest of the United States of America. She did not realize she was a political pawn until it was too late.

While Ms. Rice was being vilified in the court of public opinion, Mrs. Clinton was assembling a credible position so that she could defend her actions during today's congressional hearings. She had several months to memorize her lines and practice her presentation. Her presence before Congress was well orchestrated. When the heat was turned up, she put on her angry face and said "what difference at this point does it make". She was able to put off or appearance until the attack is merely a historical event. Yes, she will emerge a squeaky clean American hero who was falsely accused.

But we know the truth. Our president failed America! Our Secretary of State defended the administration's actions. Our congress blamed budget cuts and communications errors, rather than the president who did not want to harm his Arab brothers. The crowds surrounding our embassy in Benghazi desecrated the bodies of our citizens, while yelling and screaming insults to America. Instead, the Muslim attackers should have been pushed back by Marines with fixed bayonets or gunned down by our Apache helicopters. Since the Libyans purposely refused to defend our embassy, as they are required to do under international law, it was up to our Marines, Navy and Air Force to step in. But they did not because our Commander-In-Chief ignored his duty. Only two ex-Navy SEALs had the courage to fight to their death protecting our embassy.

For President Obama, the attack happened at the worst possible time, on the anniversary of September 11. He was in the middle of his reelection campaign and wanted to deflect or delay the truth until after the election. By choosing inaction, only four Americans died. By setting up other people to take the fall, he was reelected for another four years. To me, the president's actions were despicable. He failed to protect American interests. He lied to the American people about the cause of the attacks. He delayed the truth until several months after the election. I only hope that history records President Obama as the Quisling that he is. As for Secretary Clinton's comment at the hearing this week, "What difference at this point does it make", I suggest she talk to Ambassador Stephens family and the family of the Navy SEALs. To their children who have lost their fathers and the wives who lost their husbands, it makes a world of difference. To Ms. Clinton, it's just another bump in the road as she marches along to the presidential race of 2016.

© 2013 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved.

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