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Is gun control the answer?

Published January 12. 2013 09:06AM

Dear Editor:

I was mad at God. Madder than hell! But only momentarily. As I sat in front of the television, drinking in the heart-stricken news, coming out of the small Newtown, Connecticut town, my emotions had erupted with absolute anger, plus sadness. To the point where I began sobbing, blaming God for allowing this heartbreaking tragedy to occur. I'm not a cry baby by nature, but always been possessed with strong emotions (the writer in me, no doubt), especially, with horrifying development that 20 beautiful children were shot to death by a young psychopath.

Another insane killing spree, as though, we haven't had enough of those horrendous tragedies to last us a lifetime. What was the mother of the young shooter, Adam, doing with those high powered weapons in her home? Crazy folks to be sure. Although, if the young killer hadn't had access to the guns, he would, no doubt, have retrieved the deadly weapons from another source. Since he evidently, had his mind set on a killing rampage.

Guns are all too easy to come by, just like everything else in our modern day society. Heroin, barbiturates, any form of drug abuse is available if you desire it bad enough. Stupid and senseless drug addiction that eventually leads to one's demise in the end.

It's also pathetic alcoholics can't control their craving to the point of getting behind the drivers' seat, in a state of alcohol blindness, destroying a human life, or in some instances lives! A child craves candy, the alcoholic craves booze and driving doesn't mix with driving, so another human life is deleted. There's the adage, "If you drink, don't drive!"

How many alcoholics abide by this rule?

In the fatal movie theatre killings in Aroura, Arizona, the shooter didn't have the good sense to turn the gun on himself and end his own miserable life. A coward in disguise, a crazed-killer, to chicken to end his murderous rendezvous with one last bullet to his distorted brain! Now the taxpayers must feed him while he awaits trial. He could survive on death row for years. That's the justice system in the good old USA.

Is gun control going to eliminate the war on these dastardly killing incidents by random psychopathic killers? It would probably help to some degree, but it won't stop the mass murders. If a nut case has the desire to "shoot em' up," he's going to get the weapons come hell or high water! You can't STOP a killer! Unfortunately, too many people own guns and they will continue owning weapons regardless of gun control.

Why did killer Adam in Newtown, have to murder his mother; his first victim, then enter Sandy Hook Elementary School, massacring 20 innocent youngsters and six adult school employees? What was his motive? Perhaps, we'll never know. Luckily, he had the decency to turn the weapon on himself, ending his final murderous spree.

There's a line in Marjorie Kinnan Rawling's wonderful book, "The Yearling," where young Jody Baxter, says, to his Pa, Penny. "I'm 11 now, Pa, I'm too old to die." How sweet it is to be truly a child, but those adorable babes at Sandy Hook Elementary School, were sadly too young to die at the hands of a deranged monster. Twenty parents will grieve the rest of their lives for their beautiful babes who never got the chance to grow up.

One solution to try eliminating these killing incidents is to install a trained guard in every school and college throughout the country. More security could help keep public institutions safer from harm's way. It would also increase the economy by hiring armed guards and upgrade employment, putting thousands of men to work. The government shouldn't worry about the cost; human lives are far more precious than monetary worth. A sadistic killer would think twice before entering a public facility with intent to wipe out innocent lives, knowing an armed guard is awaiting his murderous actions.

As President Obama commented in his television address on the Newtown tragedy, "This must stop; enough is enough," his solemn face looking dreadfully pained as he obviously wiped away tears from his eyes. His speech sounded profoundly sad, like how many more of these shootings must we endure!

Our Commander in Chief is a good man, and his heart was truly aching for those 20 sweet, innocent kids, whose small gunshot bodies have now transpired into little angels in heaven, lovingly protected by our Heavenly Father.

Earl E. Stahler

West Penn Township

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