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Capitalism is under attack in America

Published January 12. 2013 09:04AM

Now that the fiscal cliff has been pushed down the road, the politicians are patting themselves on the back. They think it was a job well done. Well I disagree. They built a flimsy bridge over the fiscal cliff, but they are now headed full speed ahead into a financial abyss that will ruin our economy.

The fools in Washington need to wake up before our country is reduced to a third world economy like Greece, Italy or Spain. We are at the last junction before the road to destruction. Take the easy path and our children and grandchildren will be saddled with debt and enslaved by their masters in Washington. The other choice is to dramatically cut government spending until government expenditure is equal to or less than tax revenues collected. I understand that this will cause short-term hardship as many civil servants lose their jobs. Politicians have bandied about a number of 400,000 job cuts. I believe they overstated this number in an attempt to fool the American public into accepting higher taxes and further erosion of our freedoms.

There is a limited amount of money that can be borrowed. Right now, the government is sucking money up like a super-sized vacuum cleaner. The money the government is now squandering makes it difficult for businesses to grow our way out of the current recession. Businesses cannot get the loans they need to expand and hire more people. Basic economics teaches us that as the government downsizes and reduces taxes, businesses and the economy will expand. This in turn will create thousands of jobs and increase payroll tax remission to the Treasury. Conversely, as the size and cost of government rises, businesses must fight to survive. As we have seen in this recession, many businesses gave up, closed down and laid off their staff.

I'm sure that both the Democrats and the Republicans are well aware of economic growth concepts. Since they are not creating a favorable business environment for expansion, I must conclude that the government and both parties want Americans to be destitute. They want our people to depend on the government for their food, shelter and entertainment. The Romans used "bread and circus" to control the voters. Modern politicians use Section 8 housing, food stamps and welfare to financially enslave the American people. Poor Americans have learned well the lesson that one does not bite the hand that feeds them. As a result, the politicians can do what they want, leading our country into a socialist state while supporting United Nations Agenda 21. They want us to freeze in the dark as they pass "carbon neutral" legislation. They want to replace our form of government with a world government dedicated to "sustainable development".

Many Americans, myself included, like our form of government. The United States of America is the only free nation left in the world. The Agenda 21 supporters, and there are many of them, are proposing that our way of life be replaced with "a collaborative effort of all countries to address this global problem that requires a global initiative". In other words, they want the destruction of American freedoms and even America itself. Since our country's founding over 200 years ago, we have been a nation of free men and women. We are the last redoubt standing against the globalists and socialists who want to redistribute our wealth to "less fortunate nations" that are run by dictators, Communists, Socialists and Islamist despots. We are the last generation that prizes the work ethic. As we die off, we are being replaced by healthy, able-bodied people who reject the work ethic in favor of welfare and government handouts.

We are constantly being bombarded with stories of capitalist "robber barons", small businessmen and women who are trying to keep their small businesses afloat. ObamaCare is but the first of a series of programs that will wipe out small businesses and force larger businesses to offshore more of their operations. Even a small Wendy's franchisee is needlessly vilified for taking actions to enable their franchise to survive in these tough economic times. Read this article to the end. The last sentence demonstrates that socialism is alive and well and living here in America.

The Wendy's franchisee should be praised for creating a business that supports a hundred jobs, rather than chastised for taking measures to remain competitive in a post ObamaCare world. America as we know it has changed. It was once the last bastion of freedom. It was a place where a poor immigrant could come with nothing but the desire to work hard. And come they did. They built our country with their blood and sweat. They started businesses. They hired Americans. Work was valued as the way to success and prosperity. But our country changed. The politicians divided our country into classes, the rich and the poor, using the "divide and conquer" technique. New laws were passed to confiscate the wealth from those who earned it to those who subsist of government largess and handouts. The words of John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" mean nothing to the current generation of socialists. They want everything our country has to offer and do not want to work for it.

I also remember well the words that the leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, spoke in August of 1963:

"I once said, 'We will bury you,' and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you".

At the time, I did not believe him. But fifty years later, I now see that he was correct. The attack on capitalism did not come from another nation; it came from our own politicians and the working class voters that elect them. The Obama administration and the politicians of both parties are attacking entrepreneurs and business owners by passing onerous laws such as ObamaCare, encouraging class warfare with cries of "tax the rich", while the politicians redistribute wealth to those who did not earn it.

The American way of life cannot survive if the politicians continue their onslaught against the productive members of society. Over time, the wealthy will move their money overseas. Gerard Depardieu, the Frenchman who left France this week because of the 75 % income tax, became a Russian citizen in a well-publicized ceremony. Not only did he leave France, but he took all of his money and assets with him. In Russia, his taxes are reduced to 13 percent. Who would have thought that the former Soviet Union would end up becoming the last remaining capitalist country with reasonable taxes? (

Clearly, the world as we know it has turned upside down. Capitalists are vilified in America, yet welcomed in Russia with open arms. Jobs are moving off shore at an alarming rate. Welfare spending has increased by over 32 percent during Obama's first term, ( I doubt that we will see any real increase in American jobs as new job creation cannot replace the jobs corporations are moving off shore to more business friendly countries. It is clear to me that socialism had defeated capitalism in American. Our only hope can be found in the words attributed to Margaret Thatcher: "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money". We must ensure that the spark of capitalism survives in our hearts until we can vote the current batch of politicians out of office. Only a new president and a business friendly, freedom loving, congress will return America to its former greatness.

© 2013 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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