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Lawyer as adept in law as she is at cyclo-cross racing

  • Gail Maholick/TIMES NEWS Attorney Arley Kemmerer opened a law practice at 1738 Blakeslee Boulevard Drive West, Lehighton, at the Normal Square intersection of Route 443 and Mill Road. She offers appointments anytime.
    Gail Maholick/TIMES NEWS Attorney Arley Kemmerer opened a law practice at 1738 Blakeslee Boulevard Drive West, Lehighton, at the Normal Square intersection of Route 443 and Mill Road. She offers appointments anytime.
Published February 05. 2013 05:01PM

Attorney Arley Kemmerer recently opened the Kemmerer Law Office at 1738 Blakeslee Boulevard Drive West, Lehighton. The location of her law office is at the Normal Square intersection of Mill Road and Route 443, Blakeslee Boulevard Drive West, in Mahoning Township above Steigerwalt Chiropractic.

Her hours are by appointment only by calling (570) 818-4340.

Attorney Kemmerer's approach to serving her clients is vastly different from most other attorneys. She is not confined to practicing law within the walls of her spacious office.

"My office is as mobile as I am," she said. "With today's technology, I can be accessible to my clients almost all of the time.

Attorney Kemmerer is a master at multitasking and she is as adept at practicing law as she is in the world of cyclo-cross, where she is ranked ninth in the country and 46th in the world. Cyclo-cross is an intense off-road discipline of competitive cycling that combines high aerobic endurance and superior bike-handling skills.

Attorney Kemmerer will take calls and make appointments anytime, including evenings and weekends, and even while she is on the road competing in cyclo-cross events.

She travels throughout Europe and the United States to compete in cyclo-cross races from September through January of each year.

Her grit, determination, and drive to succeed in the world of cyclo-cross racing helped her focus on her goal of becoming an attorney while attending college and law school.

Attorney Kemmerer was born in Palmerton and graduated from Palmerton High School in 2002. From there, she attended the University of New Hampshire. After her graduation, she took a year off from school to travel to Europe where she worked as a ski instructor in Seefeld, Austria.

Attorney Kemmerer balanced her time between academics and racing while studying at the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law. At 28 years old, she has been a serious racer for the past five years.

"I worked as hard to succeed in cycling as I did to become a lawyer while I was in law school," she said. "You become a little more regimented when you want to get a lot done."

She believes that her drive helped her organize her time so she could excel in both worlds.

"I was close this season to being selected to represent the United States at the cyclo-cross World Championships" she said. She noted that six women are selected and she is ranked ninth.

Attorney Kemmerer is specializing in family law which she finds most intriguing.

"I like to interact with clients," she said. "I like when I can have an impact on them and help see them through a divorce or custody issues. If I can solve a divorce practically and efficiently, then it helps people."

She also works with clients who have elder law issues, estate planning, guardianships, real estate, and POA (power of attorney) needs.

Attorney Kemmerer has served as law clerk to the Honorable Steven R. Serfass, and worked with Attorney Jenny Cheng before deciding to open her own law practice.

"I think it is important to be dedicated to solving my clients' legal issues, and I enjoy the daily challenges of practicing law" she said.

Attorney Kemmerer believes that her desire to be successful in both cyclo-cross and the practice of law has made her a well-balanced person.

In the final round of the Cyclo-cross World Cup Series held in the Netherlands, she placed 18th, and was the top American finisher, which was the biggest achievement so far in her racing career. Her next goal is to participate in the World Championships next season in Hoogerheide, Netherlands. She is determined to make her law practice become as successful as her cycling career has been thus far.

Attorney Kemmerer resides in the Palmerton area. She is active in the community, serving as a trainer and spin instructor at Dedicated Fitness in Palmerton.

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