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We can no longer be the world's policeman

Published April 13. 2013 09:03AM

President Obama has pulled a new budget out of his hat this week. For five years he has been financially raping the working classes in America. He has repeatedly raised taxes on the lower and middle classes while squandering our precious dollars funding foreign despots and the sloths of our society. He knows this strategy will garner votes and votes ensure that his party will remain in power in the 2016 elections. This morning he decided to reach into our pockets yet again so he could confiscate another $800 billion in taxes to support his redistribution programs. (

Every American has an obligation to assist those in need. We have many government programs that provide for the less fortunate in our society. Welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and other programs provide a safety net for Americans in need. We the taxpayers support these programs, as we know we have to ensure that all Americans have food, shelter, and access to education.

Obama's continued assault on hard-working Americans increases the divide between the working classes and the parasites that live off government handouts. This president has proven he can repeatedly suck the lifeblood out of hard-working Americans. Like a smart vampire, he takes every drop of blood he can while ensuring that he does not kill his victims. Each time he raises taxes, American families look to their budgets, trim their spending, and take precious dollars from their savings. Once We The People adapt to the tax increases and adjust our lifestyle accordingly, Obama comes back to the American family for more of our hard-earned money. My grandmother told me that you couldn't take blood from a stone. Obviously she never met President Obama. He can repeatedly confiscate money from our corporations, from working Americans and from our retired citizens. He then squanders it on his pet projects including "redistribution" of working-class funds to his cronies.

Obama's new tax grab is his solution to a budgetary shortfall. Instead of raping the American public, he should focus on eliminating government waste, downsizing the civil service, and ending foreign aid to countries that hate us. It is obvious that President Obama never worked in a factory, in construction or did mundane office tasks. He led a charmed life as a community organizer and politician. He has no understanding of how most Americans struggle to earn a living. Yet, like the English King George the 3rd, he continues to increase taxes on We The People. Unlike the Americans in 1776, our generation accepts the confiscation of our assets. We do not rebel; we hand over our cash for the public good. Then we silently watch as President Obama and his team of squanders frivolously spends our hard-earned dollars.

This cannot continue. It is time for American citizens to let the politicians know that they can no longer tax away our wealth to support their favorite projects. We can no longer provide foreign aid to nations that hate us. We can no longer provide 75 percent of the funding for the United Nations. We can no longer afford to keep military forces in Korea, Japan, Europe and other hotspots. These nations must defend themselves if they wish to survive. If they must rely on American forces to keep the peace in their countries, then they need to pay us in gold for the total cost of deploying our forces in their country. We cannot waste our blood and treasure to fight someone else's battles in the far corners of the world. Bring our troops home and close our bases overseas. We can create rapid deployment bases here in the United States to protect our country. We can also use our forward deployment bases in Diego Garcia and Guam to protect American interests abroad on a moments notice.

It is time to support our own economy by using our tax dollars in America to assist Americans. If this makes me an isolationist, then so be it. We have been fighting other people's wars, at great cost in blood, treasure and taxpayer sacrifices, for the entire 20th Century. Instead of supporting bases in Germany, Afghanistan and hundreds of other locations around the world, let's rebuild our own country. Instead of attacking Afghanistan's enemies, let's fight poverty in our own cities. Instead of supporting foreign dictators with loans and gifts, let's turn our slums into modern cities. Let's provide food and housing to our own citizens instead of lining the pockets of dictators.

We have tried to buy off the world with our foreign aid and we failed. We have tried supporting foreign governments, even those led by dictators, in an effort to keep the peace. Our reward is a skyrocketing national debt of $17 trillion. Our citizens are terrorist targets both at home and abroad. Our embassies and consulates are attacked or subject to attack around the world as our international neighbors express their dissatisfaction by killing Americans and confiscating American assets.

The only way that the "citizens of the world" will understand the role Americans played in maintaining world peace is to stop being the world's policeman. Withdraw our troops from foreign lands, close our overseas bases, cease our diplomatic efforts to support despotic regimes and turn our focus to rebuilding America. I have personally heard crowds shouting: "Yankee go home" while traveling overseas. We should hear their cries and repatriate our citizens and our funds and leave them to their own resources. The sun set on the Greek and Roman empires. The Austrian and British Empires crumbled a century ago. These nations attempted to rule the world and failed. We should avoid a similar fate and focus on rebuilding our nation and enhancing the lives of our citizens. Let the world go its own way. It is time we focused on our needs and the needs of our own citizens.

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