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President has a job to do

Published September 29. 2012 09:03AM

On September 11, 2012, the 11th anniversary of the worst attack on American soil that eventually prompted a swift response by the United States government, terrorists emboldened by the lackadaisical, minimalist approach of our government toward the threats to our security attacked and murdered the Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his staff including two former Navy SEALs. This has been followed in the last two weeks by organized revolts throughout the world by Muslim extremists and al Qaeda operatives taking advantage of this administration's lack of response to the aggression shown by these criminals.

If you are not angry you should be, the media in this country is underselling this major attack against America and her principles on the 11th anniversary and all we get to see is President Barack Obama campaigning on the View and David Letterman. He has no time for the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, our embattled Israeli ally, because he is hobnobbing with his celebrity friends.

When asked about the deaths of an American ambassador and his staff in a deliberate attack against our interests, Obama's administration ignorantly denied this for 10 days. In fact they tried to spin it as a random lucky attack, but as our flags burn through the Middle East and Asia, they finally admitted it was a terrorist attack.

To add insult to injury, when asked what the attacks meant to him that resulted in this quartet of murders in Libya which is an act of war, this President called them "bumps in the road" who were victims of the Islamic movement. Bumps in the road?! Incredulous! Perhaps if this President spent less time on the links and more time in his briefing room he would have a better handle on this world and our role in it.

In four years, we have moved from being a world power to being the butt of a world joke. Barack Obama has done everything possible to minimize our position in the world and our credibility. Our allies question our actions especially after he spent three years apologizing for this country's actions instead of standing up for justice and freedom. On his watch, Egypt fell to Muslim extremists, Libya is in turmoil, Iraq is in turmoil and close to being directly under Iranian influence, Afghanistan might as well be in the Taliban's hands and Syria is close to falling as well into extremist control. And what has our President and the United States Senate done? Nothing. Nothing that is except campaign for re-election.

The President has a job to do and it is not trying to secure his voting base and tour television shows and golf courses. Our borders have been gaping open for the last four years. No one seems to care. The equivalent of an army of illegal immigrants have been estimated to have crossed into this country and no one cares. Our flag is being burned throughout the world as you read this and this disrespect to our country is greeted by Obama hobnobbing with Letterman and Joy Behar? What in the world is going on in this country today?

In case you have not caught on, the media in this country is not your protector anymore. They have been transformed into a propaganda arm for the leftists in this government. Much ado and spin was made about a comment that while not smart is not as damning as the media would like you to believe.

The truth is, anyone who believes that those receiving government entitlements truthfully care about tax reductions is naïve. Would they honestly vote for a presidential candidate who is going to cut those benefits or make them work for them? I seriously doubt it, and that was the point he was making.

While Romney campaigns for the top executive job in this country, Obama, who is supposed to be running it, has skipped out on 18 percentage of his intelligence briefings and apparently could care less about the rioting and desecration of our flag throughout the world. He's too busy making speeches to do the job he already has. Typical. When he was senator he could not be bothered to legislate, instead he turned his eyes on this job. And now instead of doing this job he has spent the first two years on vacation and golfing and the last two years campaigning instead of doing his job. And now the world is burning while he could not care less.

The philosophy of the Middle East radical is that if they see weakness, like a shark they go in for the kill. Do you seriously believe the appeasement philosophy of this government is going to make them go away? If so, you should refer to Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. That did not go so well 70-plus years ago, and there is no indication it will go differently this time.

We are in a fight for freedom, for our security and for our way of life. This is not a game and it is not just any election. I believe this election will be pivotal to the future of this country. So ask yourself this, how many times do you remember 22 countries rioting at the same time against America? How many ambassadors do you recall dying at the hands of our enemies being referred to as bumps in the road? When Iran and Israel escalate World War III, how will you feel about it? That is the very real danger that could occur if this country continues to stand aside and tolerates its leader's lack of concern for the security of this country and its role as the freedom bearer and beacon of liberty in this world.

If you are not angry yet, then maybe you should be. Stop ignoring reality and decide whether you want to leave your children the country you were left or the soft nanny state we have become.

Til next time …

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