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The threat of domestic violence

Published September 08. 2012 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

I found the article written by Jim and Clair Castagnera about good girls and bad girls to be very disturbing. They obviously do not understand anything about the truth!

Many of the "bad" girls are victims of child abuse and what is called domestic violence.

Thirty eight years ago, I started to learn about domestic violence and child abuse the first time I found the courage to ask a girl out on a date. I've had victims of domestic violence, rape, and child abuse tell me they revealed things to me they never told any other person, including their psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors! Every day women and children all across the United States are being abused, beaten, raped and murdered by porn/sex addicts. The government has PROUDLY proclaimed that it is more important to protect the first amendment rights of the porn/sex industry than it is to protect women and children from porn/sex addicts.

The government has monetarily punished the tobacco industry because of the high cost of health care for people that have used tobacco products. Does the government know how much we spend caring for the victims of porn/sex addicts? It is very obvious the government wants all the young people in the U.S. to live their lives like they are porn stars. That is why the government is forcing employers to provide free contraceptives for their employees.

The entertainment industry is obsessed with pornography, profanity, predators, sadistic violence, zombies, vampires, evil spirits and etc. Every week, the people of the United States spend hundreds of millions of dollars because they enjoy being entertained by all the "immoral garbage." All throughout history, immorality has played a major role in the collapse of the greatest nations that have existed. History repeats itself because it is human nature to totally ignore all the lessons that should have been learned from the past.

When little girls have been raped and abused their crimes and sins must be excused.

Without the love of someone who ares they get caught in all of life's snares.

Some spend their lives being raped and abused. Respect and dignity they are refused.

Some find love and live lives that are good.

They all just want to be understood.

I write for those that behave been raped and abused.

Beaten and tortured and totally used.

My words are filled with love and respect.

Because that is something they never expect.

Michael S. Rother


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