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Determining our future in America

Published September 08. 2012 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

All of us registered voters, and tax paying citizens living in the United States of America will soon have a big decision to make in the upcoming presidential election in November of 2012. I will probably not be 100% sure of who I am voting for until I enter the voting booth, draw the curtain closed, and ask for God's help in choosing the right man for the job.

Hopefully, God will still be blessing America and will graciously intervene in getting the president elected who will lead our great country back to what made it great in the first place. In electing sincerely dedicated people like our founding fathers who were honest, and morally obligated in serving "we the people" and establishing a better and more prosperous future for all American citizens who diligently work hard in their particular careers, and not to expect the government to support their every need.

This important decision we must all make will determine the direction America is headed in, and we must ask ourselves, do we want to remain on the same course we've been on, and take a chance on giving it more time to improve our present situation, or do we want to change the direction we're on and aim for a different alternative? Our vote will determine the most crucial, and the most critical choice we will probably ever have to make in a presidential election again in our life time.

Incidentally, this will not be the type of choice we were always used to making in simply voting for whoever happened to be running for president, who was a candidate nominated by our specific political party preference. We will have to be taking into consideration what exactly this candidate is going to do to improve the economical state of affairs now existing in America. I believe the number one priority for whoever gets elected should be to figure out a sure way of bringing more manufacturing jobs back in America. This was one of the main reasons our country achieved greatness through our work force being the best in the world with opportunities for everyone to achieve the "American dream" for their families and future generations to come.

Instead of penalizing businesses with higher taxation and government regulations the present system needs to change in order to make it more beneficial and profitable for any large or small business to operate within the borders of America. If more good paying jobs are created in America it will have a "chain reaction" effect on our economy. It stands to reason if we have more jobs for Americans who are willing to work hard, there will be more revenue for our government to provide the needed support for us citizens, and the more people who are employed the more money will be able to be spent to keep our economy flowing fluently providing more jobs and so on.

Also, our soldiers returning home from war will have more opportunities to find employment to support their families once they are discharged, which is absolutely essential for these loyal men and women who have diligently protected our freedoms while serving America. For those who wish to make their career in the military armed forces serving in the National Guard would be most beneficial in securing our countries borders, in defending our homeland, and in supplying necessary aid throughout our country in times of natural calamities.

In November I will be voting for the person I feel will be most sincere in fulfilling the necessary needs for all Americans to once again know they have a secure future living, working, and raising their families here in still the greatest country in the world. They must live up to their promises to reduce the size of our government, and their extravagant spending practices. States should be independently allowed to make their own laws and regulations accordingly. A tax system which can be more fairly implemented according to an individual's income and medical coverage should be made affordable for all citizens. More needed government regulations should be placed on the ever rising cost of necessities like all fuel sources, food, medicines, medical care, and other important commodities people need to survive in America comfortably. We must all choose wisely in November, because our future in America will depend on everyone's individual vote, and every vote will be extremely important.

John M. "Jack" Selby


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