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We must vote Obama out of office

Published October 27. 2012 09:01AM

As Election Day nears, it is time to carefully review the results of Obama's first term as President of the United States. Our economy went into a tailspin at the beginning of his administration. After almost four years, the economy remains in a shambles. If Obama is re-elected, the chances of a recovery are minimal. Unemployment is at a high point with over 15 million people out of work. In an attempt to cook the books, the administration considers that the official number of unemployed people is only 12 1/2 million. The other 2 1/2 million are considered "marginally attached to the workforce". When I looked up the definition of marginally attached, I found that those were the unemployed who have not had a job interview in the last four weeks. It is time to stop cooking the books! We have at least 15 million unemployed and the real number could be over 25 million if we include those who have given up and are no longer looking for work.

In a single administration, America has lost our preeminence in world affairs. We no longer lead the world. Our president bows to the King of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern despots. His lack of response to the Libyan incident places Americans at home and abroad at greater risk of terrorist attacks. We can expect more Americans to be executed; their bodies burned and dragged out onto the streets thanks to Obama's dereliction of duty. In previous articles I identified other examples of President Obama's ineptitude and his failure to protect America and our citizens. In my opinion, it is time to restore America!

We must stop bowing to terrorists, stand on our principles, protect our Constitution and reestablish our international reputation. The first step in this process is to vote President Obama and his cronies out of office. Once a new president is in office, the process of restoring America to greatness can start. The first order of business should be to ensure that the new administration does no further harm to America and to American citizens. We must protect our nation and our citizens. If some foreign potentate decides to capture or kill Americans, then we should ensure the full force of our military is applied swiftly to punish the transgressors.

The next priority is to put America back to work. We must remove impediments that prevent American companies from growing while supporting programs that employ Americans. The biggest constraint limiting the growth of small businesses and large corporations is ObamaCare. We must rescind ObamaCare before it kills our economy and puts a drain on our financial resources.

Businesses need to know what to expect from the government regarding taxes and regulations. Our nation has not had a budget in over four years. As a result government departments squandered our funds and hired more civil servants. Businesses responded to uncertainty by not expanding in America. Instead they focused their growth and their investments overseas. We need corporations to expand their workforce here if we are to offer decent jobs to our citizens. The government needs to get out of the way so that American companies can expand in a free economy.

American companies currently have over $1 trillion stashed away in their overseas subsidiaries. Foreign taxes have already been paid on these monies. If the money is returned to the United States, it will be taxed at a 39 percent rate on each and every dollar that is repatriated. We need a new president who is willing to lower the tax on repatriated funds to the capital gains rate of 15 percent. Imagine how many American factories could be built with a trillion dollars? Imagine how many jobs could be created here in the United States with this money?

This administration has created an artificial energy crisis to appease President Obama's Middle Eastern cronies. The United States has more energy resources than any other nation in the world. Our government prevents us from using our own petroleum products so that we will be at the mercy of OPEC and Islamic oil producing nations. We should not be subservient to these oil-rich nations and it is time to flex our muscles. Let's start by building the Keystone pipeline to move energy from the Midwest and Canada to the Gulf States. This will not only help us be energy independent, but it will create over 10,000 badly needed jobs.

It is also time to develop the Marsalis Shale oil and gas fields that extend throughout the entire Appalachian Basin.

We can also drill in the Bakken fields of Montana and North Dakota. North Dakota took the initiative and started drilling already and has achieved full employment. If a company wants to expand and hire workers, they must bring them in from out-of-state. This proves that drilling for petroleum products creates jobs and can be performed in an environmentally friendly manner. We also have plenty of energy just off our coasts. Offshore drilling, when added to our existing land-based operations, can produce enough energy to power our nation for centuries to come.

It is also time to end the entitlement society. Unemployment and welfare were meant to be short-term safety nets not a lifestyle. There are over three million unfilled jobs in America. ( Able-bodied welfare recipients and the unemployed should be encouraged to acquire new skill sets. It is cheaper to retrain the unemployed and get them back to work than it is to offer them a lifetime of welfare. Americans want to work. Let's give them the tools and skills to do so.

There have been many reports of the FEMA concentration camps that will be used to imprison American citizens should there be "social unrest". This week, there is a new development. The President's newly commissioned FEMA Youth Corps, his private Gestapo, graduated their first class of "Blue Shirts". ( Why does this administration believe we need the "Blue Shirts"? Are they concerned about those of us who wish to protect the Constitution and the values of our founding fathers? We don't need troops on American soil even if they are "civilians". These FEMA "Blue Shirts" are comparable to Mussolini's "brown shirts" at best. They could easily evolve into a Nazi like "Protection Squadron" which was the English name of the Schutzstaffel (SS).

The SS terrorized Europe in the period leading up to World War two and for the duration of the war. They arrested over six million Jews, as well as an unknown number of political dissidents, handicapped citizens and those accused of homosexuality. These innocent people were packed into trucks and trains, sent to concentration camps and were exterminated with factory like precision in the Nazi gas chambers (

I am appalled by the actions of the Obama administration. If you agree with me, please go to the polls on November 6th to vote him out of office. Our nation cannot afford a second Obama administration. The Constitution, our freedoms, and the American way of life are precariously balanced on the edge of a cliff. If President Obama wins the election, our nation will tumble over the precipice. Our wealth will be confiscated and redistributed until everyone is poor. Our freedoms will be curtailed until we are all slaves of the government. Those who object may find themselves and their families in FEMA concentration camps, guarded by Obama's blue shirts.

© 2012 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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