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The selling of America to China

Published October 20. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

(Red) China is now in the position of tremendous economic power to strike up mammoth deals with the U. S. China is buying up pieces of our country and setting up special economic zones. Are they beginning to build economic lordship over the U. S.?

One of these economic zones is just south of the Boise airport in Idaho. There is also one in Milan, Michigan. In Idaho, the Chinese Machinery Industry Corp. of the Chinese Communist Party (SINOMACH) will construct a "technology zone" that is 50 square miles in size. This area will be a self-sustaining city. It will include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers, and many homes for the Chinese workers.

A special economic zone is a particular region that has special economic laws, and other laws that can suspend our national laws. So, when China develops these economic zones in Idaho, we will have sections of America that belong to a communist foreign government. The residents of the zones and the corporation that they work for do not have to abide by our laws. This is what is known as a "sovereign community," which means that this community cannot commit a legal wrong. It is immune from civil or criminal prosecution. The Chinese people will be exempt from our laws and this piece of land will be designated a "free trade zone."

These labor-intense manufacturing centers will import new raw materials and export finished factory-made products. Only Chinese nationals will live and work there, and only Chinese standards and laws will exist there. The corporations that set up in such a zone will receive tax incentives. Labor abuse, crime, large-scale smuggling and the trafficking in the sex trade will go on there because of relaxed customs. Companies can freely move their workers to and from a free-trade zone within our country. They've brought in on EB-5 visas which avoid customs and immigration laws. These people will live, work, and play inside the zone. In addition, after two years, if the Chinese nationals haven't gotten into trouble, they are given U. S. citizenship.

China has been gobbling up our oil and gas fields and expanding into U. S. energy reserves. The state-owned Chinese energy giant, CNOCC, holds properties that could eventually produce up to 500,000 barrels of oil per day. Also, Chinese investors are snapping up luxury apartments and are planning to spend hundreds of dollars on commercial and residential properties like Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn and the 1 World Trade Center.

Is it treason to sell off pieces of America so that parts of communist Red China can be dropped in here? What will you do when, overnight, we become surrounded by Chinese zones that aren't subject to any of our laws, and exist right outside our doors? What happens when China decides not to keep us as their friends?

Anyone for Chinese takeout/take out tonight?

Faye Ruckhardt,


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