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A big hurray for taxpayers

Published October 20. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

This September I read in the TIMES NEWS how Mahoning Township said "no" to the county in regard to an industrial park. Government moving outside its charter and competing with the private business is counter productive to revive an economy.

Mahoning's choice was a big hurray for us the taxpayer.

Law was the deciding factor in the matter. We here in America are a democratic republic and ruled by law emerging out of a constitution. The smaller or weaker can say no to the bigger and stronger since principle is regulating therefore higher. This is good government in action. The inability of the larger county to impose an idea on the smaller township is Christian in heritage based on the premise of God given rights. This is a virtue of SOVEREIGNTY.

Protection is there by design for the smaller government entity. This feature of local control was put in by our founding fathers and has been a dynamic for deciding issues for over two hundred years. Another example of sovereignty took place a few months ago. Our County Commissioners gave leadership to the Federal government when our United States Senators approved the National Defense Authorization Act. This bill gave our federal government the ability to collect United States Citizens without charge or trial and hold them as suspects indefinitely as a reaction to 911 terrorist attack in New York City.

Habeas Corpus as a civil right for individuals was being challenged. We have 28 civil rights guaranteed in our state constitution. Stopping aspects of NDAA bill by our commissioners means respectable boundaries are still in place for law enforcement. Third, Sovereignty also took place in Weatherly when the township told Harrisburg to basically "shove it" to New York sludge in their state game lands. Bully don't like pip squeaks getting educated, funded or making noise about big government limitations referred to as "enumerated powers" in the United States Constitution's Tenth Amendment. We are not a free people if we don't have the resource to say "no" and have rightful convictions upheld.

Also in terms of National debt in trillions its affects our county in reduced economic sovereignty. China is now leveraging our county real estate because of unpaid federal debt. Is this real or only perceived? The Chinese can foreclose on Packerton Yards in Mahoning township because of the the unpaid million dollars the county took to put a industrial park on a flood plain as part of ADA grant secured by former Senator Kanjorski. This is the natural result of the China buying our debt. The problem is not them over there but those of us here. Establishment politicians thinking as corporate communists rationalize this way; "as long as we don't change out the American flag we can sell out and still keep our entitlements."

What would you take as collateral if you were the Asian in charge of milking the USA for equity and trying to secure value- real estate or inflated dollars? As they say in the banking world "who holds the note?" Solomon of old said it best, "the debtor is slave to the lender."(Proverbs 22:7) KJV

Robert Dages

Jim Thorpe

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