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Unconstitutional spending is the economic problem

Published October 13. 2012 09:01AM

Those in the United States government, by their own admission, borrow 40 cents of each "dollar" that the National government spends. The deficit has been over $1.29 Trillion each year since 2009. The total reported debt is over $16 Trillion. There are additional unfunded liabilities of over $123 Trillion.

This has been accomplished under both Republican and Democratic Administrations and Congresses. We have all heard these numbers. Yet, those in the United States government refuse to cut spending, apparently for political reasons, since those in both Parties constantly offer unfounded excuses.

Generally, we know what needs to be done. Actual spending must be cut by at least 40 percent. To reduce the debt in a meaningful way, the actual reduction in spending must clearly be much more. Taxes must also be reduced.

Unfortunately, too many people in the United States and in the States have grown to think that it is OK for our governments to live beyond their means. In fact, many have come to believe that it is all right to get free things from government, many things. This is like being hooked on drugs. It is difficult to quit or even reduce the addictive habits. For a glimpse at what we face, just look at what is going on in Greece, France, and Spain today. Representative Ryan's proposed Budget, by his own admission, only slows the growth of the deficit. It only cuts the rate of increase in spending. Only in Washington D.C. can cutting the projected increase in spending be considered a spending cut. The Federal Reserve is, for the foreseeable future, printing and distributing $40 Billion a month in an alleged attempt to help our economy.

High taxes, borrowing, unconstitutional spending and creating "dollars" out-of-thin-air can never solve our financial problems. History proves that it never has and never will!

The only way to solve the United States Budget problems is to return to lower taxes and spending only for items, services, programs, etc., that are strictly authorized by the Constitution for the United States of America. All unconstitutional spending must be totally eliminated! Let's look at just a dozen of the many unconstitutional expenditures and activities that must be eliminated:

1. Foreign Aid. You cannot buy friendship or loyalty. George Washington warned us about such foreign entanglements. The U.S. gives China foreign aid that is borrowed from China.

2 Welfare. This is not constitutionally authorized at the federal, State, County or local levels of government. Clearly this is not a lawful function of our governments. Taking from a private individual and giving the takings to another is stealing. What those in our governments do in this regard is, and always has been, legal plunder. Taxes are only to be collected and used to provide for constitutional functions of government.

3. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. These are socialist programs that have no place in a constitutional republic. Those in need are to be helped by themselves, their families and/or private funds of friends, churches, community organizations, foundations, etc. Eliminating government theft via unconstitutional taxes, fines, cost, etc., will allow for more charitable contributions, for more volunteering of time and talents, and for more community services.

4. Unemployment Compensation. This is a personal responsibility or in employment contracts.

5. The Federal Reserve. This is neither Federal nor do they have any Reserves. This private banking organization is totally unconstitutional. We must return to the use of lawful money.

6. Bailouts. These "loans" to banks and other private corporations and companies are unlawful.

7 Most of the "Alphabet Soup" Organizations/Departments created by the U.S. government since the War Between the States. For example: the EPA, FDA, USDA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Transportation, IRS, TSA, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, and so on, must go.

8 "Czars" and the alleged application of "Executive Orders" to anything other than for providing directions to those in the executive branch to do a constitutional activity or thing.

9. Court Decisions being considered as law and activist Judges and Justices.

10. "Obamacare" and the many other unconstitutional, or unconstitutionally applied, "laws".

11. The obliteration of the 9th and 10th Amendments. Plus several unconstitutional Amendments.

12. The United Nations The United States pays 22 percent dues, while China pays only 3.189 percent.

Obviously, some of these unconstitutional expenditures and/or activities must be phased out over a short period of time (10 years or less), but most of them, and others, can and must be eliminated immediately. The economic survival of the United States of America depends on this.

All of the constitutional expenditures for departments, agencies, positions, contracts, programs, etc., must be thoroughly examined for waste, fraud and abuse, as well as duplication of functions. Everything must be on the table and all violations, inefficiencies, waste, etc., must be eliminated.

To determine what is constitutional, one must turn to historical documents of the time when the Constitution was written, to the common law and also to the true definitions of the words used in the Constitution to fully and accurately understand the meaning of these fundamental "law of the land" compacts or contracts between the people and the government which they created.

"The language of the Constitution cannot be interpreted safely, except where reference to common law and to British institutions as they were when the instrument was framed and adopted. The statesmen and lawyers of the convention who submitted it to the ratification of conventions of the thirteen states, were born and brought up in the atmosphere of common law and thought and spoke in its vocabulary... when they came to put their conclusions into the form of fundamental law in a compact draft, they expressed them in terms of common law, confident that they could be shortly and easily understood."

[Ex Parte Grossman, 267 US 87, 108]; and "Law of the land" means "the Common Law" [Justice O'Neal in State v. Simmon, 2 Spears 761, 767 (1884) also Justice Bronson in Taylor v. Porter, 4 Hill 140, 146 (1843)]; and "In the construction of the constitution, we must look to the history of the times, and examine the state of things existing when it was framed and adopted." [2 Wheat 354; 6 Wheat 416; 4 Poters 431 2]; and "The constitution was written to be understood by the voters; its words and phrases were used in their normal and ordinary sense, as distinguished from technical meaning; where the intent is clear, there is no room for construction, and no excuse for interpretation or addition." [Martin v. Hunter's Lessee, 1 Wheat 304 (1816); Justice Story on the Constitution, 5th ed., section 451]; and The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now." [South Carolina v. United States 199 US 437, 448 (1905)]

"... the Constitution was a document plain enough to be understood by all who read it, the meaning of which was set firmly like a jewel in the matrix of common sense and wise judicial decisions." [Dyett v. Turner, 439 P.2d 266, 268 (1968) discussing the so-called 14th Amendment]

All those in government, at all levels, are constitutionally bound, either directly or indirectly, by "oath of office" to strictly support, obey, and defend the Constitution for the United States of America and their State Constitution. In order for them to do this, they must personally read, study, understand and strictly follow these and all of the other founding documents. They must always remember that Court decisions and opinions are not law, and only valid if they, like laws, are strictly constitutional according to the original intent of the applicable lawful Constitution(s).

Citizens are the sovereigns, individually and collectively, in their State and in the United States of America. We must demand that those in government actually cut all unlawful spending, now!

Any government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything away.

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