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Fool me once, shame on you

Published October 13. 2012 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

Let's compare both of these candidates running for president of the United States of America realistically and also logically. For example, if a parent hands their children money anytime they ask for it, when they didn't teach them how to earn it, the end result is a lazy child who expects everything to be handed to them. In the same respect; as long as there are people in America who are able to work, but are satisfied to live their life by receiving "entitlements" so freely given to them from our government, why should they want to work?

The opposing candidate has a better plan for America by creating more good paying jobs through his proven successful business experience. This way more people who are willing, and able to work will have the chance to get off of government handouts, and to once again have the opportunity to work for a living, and be able to lift themselves and their families up and out of "welfare" poverty.

The incumbent candidate on the other hand, wants to keep on handing money out to anyone who can come up with a reason for not being willing or able to work. He is creating a society of "lazy" people, who in the end will lead our country into bankruptcy just like what is happening right now in Europe. Let's hope and pray, in this upcoming November election, that the majority of people in America still want to "earn" their prosperity, and ambitiously want to achieve the American dream through their own individual fortitude and self motivation by having to work for it, like all of the generations before them.

Furthermore, which candidate will put a stop to this extravagant government spending of our tax dollars? How long is our government going to continue to borrow money from China to fund unnecessary programs and subsidies which will continue to increase the deficit? Our present government leadership continues to send billions of dollars in financial aid to countries in the Middle East that despise us, and are constantly protesting against America with burning our flag, and most recently having allowed the execution of an American diplomat along with three other American patriots.

Ask yourself, which of these presidential candidates is more likely to finally put an end to this senseless war in Afghanistan, which has dearly cost America in not only precious human lives, but also billions and billions in tax payer revenue. This continuing present day military involvement going on in Afghanistan is now the longest duration of any foreign conflict in our American history with still no end in sight.

I had hoped I made the right decision when I voted in the last presidential election, because we needed change then like we need even more of a change in our government policies now, so I keep reminding myself of those famous lyrics in that old song by "The Who" and I tell myself over and over; "I won't get fooled again."

John M. "Jack" Selby


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