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The black clouds of socialism are a threat

Published November 17. 2012 09:02AM

Obama won the election because a majority of the voters believed that he is the best person for the job. His campaign was a wonderful mosaic of carefully crafted sound bites that chastised the wealth creators who made America great while offering platitudes to those who subsist on handouts from Emperor Obama's well-oiled welfare machine.

President Obama targeted the votes of poor people who want free stuff instead of earning their way. The Democratic Party is the party of handouts. Under the Obama administration, the number of people on food stamps doubled ( If he continues on his anti-business platform, the welfare and food stamp rolls could double again in his next term. His anti-business rhetoric will encourage businesses to expand overseas, closing their American based plants and throwing millions more workers into the ranks of the unemployed and onto food stamps. This furthers his class warfare agenda, pitting the unemployed against "the rich". What he forgets is that "the rich", those who own and manage large and small businesses are the job creators. By chastising "the rich", he is encouraging some of them to invest overseas. Others will stop investing in their companies or sell their companies so they can retire.

After the last round of regulatory changes and tax increases, I decided that the long hours required to run our business was just not worth the effort. While I may no longer have a nice salary, I do have much less stress, more personal time (including time to write these articles) and a much lower income tax rate. Thanks to a working wife, retirement savings and Social Security, I have a better lifestyle than I had when I was slaving to feed the federal government and the redistribution efforts of this President. In one term, this President has turned many entrepreneurs into retirees through his anti-business practices. Business people like me realized that chasing a few extra dollars is not worth the effort required to run a business, comply with government regulations, and put up with staff turnover just to give most of our income to federal bureaucrats to squander.

I am not alone. Many small and medium size business owners have shuttered their doors or sold their companies. They took their savings and retired to Florida, North Carolina, or even Pennsylvania where there is no tax on withdrawals from 401(k) plans. Some of the companies survived under new management while others shuttered their doors. With our last generation of entrepreneurs sitting on the hill watching the sunset instead of expanding businesses, it is no wonder that job growth has been stagnant and unemployment remains high.

The "new" generation has been pampered by their parents and are not yet ready to stand on their own feet as they take over from the retiring business owners. But there is hope for the "new" generation of businessmen and women. They were thrown into the lake. A few were lost in the process but many of them have learned the skills needed to create new businesses and run and expand existing businesses. I believe that these young entrepreneurs will move our economy forward over the next two or three years provided the oppressive government gets out of the way. There is hope that the next generation will take the reins and that they will create the jobs needed over the next decade to ensure that the American dream is alive and well.

But for them to succeed, we need to blow away the roadblocks imposed by this administration and the federal government. It is the older generation that must resist the efforts of the current administration that is hell-bent on destroying the entrepreneurial spirit. President Obama, after winning his second term, has a mandate to continue his plan for changing America. His excuse for the economic failures of his first administration was to blame President Bush. Any thinking American knows that Obama is responsible for failures of the last two years (at a minimum) and will certainly be responsible for any failures in the next four years. The current economic malaise is a direct result of Obama's policies. His scare tactics have petrified small business to the point that they are not investing and only expanding cautiously, if they expand at all. Some small businesses are hiring, but they are hiring to replace retiring workers or rotational workers (an employee who works only long enough to get unemployment insurance, then gets fired or laid off so they can collect unemployment for another year).

I am worried that in Obama's second term, conservatives will be hung out to dry. Already the President has called for increased taxes on "the rich". Unfortunately, his definition of "the rich" encompasses many middle-class business owners. These people are the job creators. Tax increases will only result in the creation of fewer jobs. The Obama administration also has their eyes on the bank balances of those who worked hard all their lives and saved for their retirement. There has been talk of an asset tax that will enable the IRS to levy a tax on assets owned by the middle and upper classes. Now that the President has another 4 years to "fundamentally change America", I expect an asset tax to be high on the President's agenda. For the "savers" who have pinched pennies their entire lives, this will be a confiscatory tax. Part of their life savings will be thrown to the masses in a grand redistribution of wealth. It will be like a modern-day coliseum with the "savers" fed to lions. What the masses do not realize is that once the "savers" are destroyed, so to will the American way of life. After the politicians suck the life out of the "savers", they will feed on the rest of the American people until capitalism is destroyed.

While the socialist politicians attempt to extinguish all of the lights in American economy, we, the true conservatives, will sit in our cold dark houses, hunkering down until the next election. Then we will light a candle, then another, and another, until our nation is flooded with the light of the hard working, constitution loving Americans who have, until now, been silent. We pray that God will help us to restore our country and our values. We are the last bastion of freedom in the world. We must survive the onslaught of socialism over the next four years so that we can vote out this Obamination and restore America to our former greatness.

© 2012 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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