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Written in stone

Published November 10. 2012 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

To Columnist William Taylor Reil,

After reading the Saturday October 6th newspaper I began to consider your proposal. I disagree with your choice of a starting date of 1933. Money trouble getting started in America began earlier. Your article, "A lawful solution To our current financial problems" is a good overview. The problem is that what you wrote reduces lawful solutions to mechanisms. It's not the particulars; it's what holds them! 1913 is a much better date for our country going off course of a law based system. That was that year the IRS was formed in Puerto Rico and congress adopted the sixteenth Amendment to the constitution. The Magna Carta of 1012 AD was bypassed with the formation of this private corporation.

The Magna Carta dealt with the "Divine Right of Kings" which put even the highest leader under the rule of law. That is why president Nixon was impeached and resigned because of spying on his political

opponents at the Watergate hotel. It was wrong as a violation of civil right privacy and it was illegal too. The big idea of law applying to everyone is the very nature of a republic i.e. rule of law. Law must protect us not just make us obey. "A republic for which it stands" stood firm at Watergate.

Any "Lawful solutions" must necessarily include biblical law! This is implied by what you wrote but not stated. The only reason why the government stealing from its citizens is wrong is because GOD SPOKE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Four thousand years ago He had Moses write it in stone for us to remember. Coveting something of your neighbor is wrong simply because God said so. Also taking too much for wrong reasons is stealing too. This truth is not an abstract idea foreign to the roots of our current system.

Biblical law the basis of our English law. For example it was used by King Albert to convert invading Vikings to Christianity after he blended Norman and Saxon law with the Hebrew commandments. The practical advantage is like the British leaving India and leaving behind a legacy of good administration.

The Bible is relevant even if you cannot get a consensus or a referendum voted on. Its true independent of whether you or I believe in a match between the future of America and the history of the Old Testament. These ideas precede us as a guide. This is true even if you are a powerful unconstitutional agency associated with our government with no authority to collect revenue. Any good solution must necessarily also include repentance.

Restitution is not enough. It really makes no difference if the United States steals it in a 1933 New Deal by FDR or for that matter if I have thief notions to become a modern day Robin Hood. Our common Judeo- Christian heritage leaves us a foundation of law upon which to build and tools to sort issues which are fair and proven for us to maintain and install. A scripture worth considering is Isaiah 9; 12 -14. KJV

"For the people have not turned unto him (repented). For those who causes them to err will be destroyed."

The German composer Handel wrote a famous hopeful symphony titled Messiah based in part on Isaiah nine and everyone hears it during the Christmas season. The Bible is authoritative. Even if all of your article gets implemented now and all Americans are feeling no stress from government practicing wrong policy. Lets imagine that within a month America started to prosper dramatically: China forgives our national debt in trillions, everyone needy gets a job, foreclosures abruptly end and a Ron Paul supporter working at Fort Knox finds a room loaded with enough bullion to restart the gold standard. Without repentance we are out of alignment with a Christian Republic and still headed for trouble. God's word says so.

Robert Dages

Jim Thorpe,

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