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President has a four-year hall pass

Published November 10. 2012 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

Well, the election is over, and the people have had their say. To those who think that our country is in for four more years of the same thing, you are wrong. This election has given our president a "Hall Pass" if you will, to do as he wants without the fear of having to run again for re-election.

And that is what he will do. If this letter is printed, save it, if you want, and see if in four years, all that it forecasts has come to pass or not.

The first thing that will happen shortly is that the older, liberal Supreme Court justices (Ginzberg, Kennedy) who were hanging in there to await the outcome of the election will retire. The President will then appoint even more radically liberal Supreme Court justices who will legislate from the bench, thereby putting into effect any and all policies the administration wishes. The Defense of Marriage Act will probably be repealed, allowing gay marriage to be legalized in many more states than it already has. The health care system which was approved under Obamacare will never be repealed; all of the local doctors I have spoken to have said this is a bad thing for the elderly on Medicare as their rates will go up, and their options for care will go down. Medications that they were once prescribed may become too costly under this new system for them to purchase. So it affects the elderly.

This also affects the weakest members of our society, the unborn. Since these new liberal justices will be appointed, any chance that Roe v. Wade will be repealed will be gone. As long as we fail to protect the weakest members of our country, the nation will never prosper.

Regarding the new health care law, small business owners will be affected by this as well, as the cost for insuring their employees may force a lot of them out of business. That means fewer jobs for our area, an area already hit by high unemployment rates. That means more people asking for public assistance, food stamps, help with heating costs, etc. in an area already stretched to the limit with high property taxes and school taxes. Many of the local property owners are, again, the elderly, who I predict will be forced out of their homes by rising taxes. Young families are not moving into this area, as there are no jobs here. Since "you cannot get blood from a turnip", when resources (public funds) are limited because of so many people on relief, other services will have to adjust- school budgets will take a hit, public workers in the boroughs may be let go, as well as local police departments becoming smaller, since already thin budgets cannot stretch beyond the funds they have. That means the incidence of crime will increase. Taxes will go up on everything, our property, our purchases such as gasoline, etc.

The slightly lower gas prices which we experienced right before the election will go up, as this administration has said that our American oil companies cannot drill in Alaska or offshore (by refusing to issue them new permits) while allowing foreign oil companies the opportunity to do so in U.S. waters.

So if you heat your home with oil, be ready for a price hike. Our local coal industry will suffer as many new restrictions will be placed on it, to drive it out of business by making it non-competitive with other sources of power.

People who heat their homes with coal will suffer higher prices or shortages because of this. But not only them- more than 50 percent of our electric power plants are coal-fed; the price of electricity is going to sky-rocket in the coming years, and that affects everyone who uses electricity. The administration has said that we Americans must find other sources of power to heat our homes, run our cars, etc. They propose wind, solar and nuclear power; how many of you have solar panels on your roof or a wind turbine in your backyard? Plugged in your electric car last night? This is not going to be an easy time for any of us who have to travel; the administration says we must all learn to use public transportation. That is fine for people in the cities where it runs regularly-but not so good for folks out here in rural areas where public transportation is sketchy at best, or non-existent.

Finally, regarding the health-care law one last time…it is an assault on those institutions which are run by religious organizations, since it forces them to provide health care insurance services for their employees (such as contraceptives or access to abortion) which run counter to their religious beliefs. There are lawsuits pending concerning this very issue, which will make their way up the legal ladder to the Supreme Court. There, those same very liberal judges that were mentioned above will uphold the health care law, forcing these religious organizations to either obey their conscience and defy the law, or go out of business, which many of them will do. This will deprive their services to many in the lower reaches of society, the very people who need their help the most. Very sad!

So, the people have spoken, as they have a right to in a democratic republic. That so many could have been snowed by the liberal T.V. and news media is mind-boggling, but now America must live with the consequences. Rest assured, this election has changed drastically the shape of what America will come to be in the future, moving the country forward into a government of ever more progressive ideas, religious oppression, and higher taxes. But that is what the people who voted for it wanted. Keep this article, read it again in four years, and see if all of this hasn't come to pass.

God help America!

Anne Girard


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