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Awards presented to Panther Valley seniors

  • SHERI RYAN/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS Recipients of the top academic awards are front row, from left, Christina Micholik, Amy Yusella, Stephanie Kachelries, Jacinda Ruzicka and Amber Woodring; middle row, Lisa Lin, Deanna Focht, Ashlee Miller and…
    SHERI RYAN/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS Recipients of the top academic awards are front row, from left, Christina Micholik, Amy Yusella, Stephanie Kachelries, Jacinda Ruzicka and Amber Woodring; middle row, Lisa Lin, Deanna Focht, Ashlee Miller and Courtney Lazar; and back row, Zachary Collevechio, Nathan Mathewson, William Stalgaitis, Zackary King.
Published May 21. 2012 05:04PM

Panther Valley High School held its annual Senior Awards Night last Wednesday. The following awards were presented:

Academic Awards

English: Brittany Cunfer, Deanna Focht, Stephanie Kachelries, Zackary King, Courtney Lazar, Lisa Lin, Nathaniel Mathewson, Christina Micholik, Ashlee Miller, Jacinda Ruzicka, William Stalgaitis, Amber Woodring, Amy Yusella.

Math: Brittany Cunfer, Deanna Focht, Kassandra Gray, Courtney Lazar, Lisa Lin, Nathaniel Mathewson, Jacinda Ruzicka, Amy Yusella

Science: Zachary Collevechio, Zackary King, Courtney Lazar, Nathaniel Mathewson, Ashlee Miller

Social Studies: Evelyn Cabrera, Stephanie Kachelries, Zackary King, Courtney Lazar, Lisa Lin, Nathaniel Mathewson, Ashlee Miller, Jacinda Ruzicka, William Stalgaitis, Amy Yusella

Spanish: Amy Yusella

President's Awards for Educational Excellence: Courtney Lazur, Jacinda Ruzicka, Deanna Focht, Amy Yusella, Nathaniel Mathewson, Lisa Lin, Ashlee Miller, Brittany Cunfer, Zachary Collevechio, Amber Woodring, William Stalgaitis, Stephanie Kachelries, Zachary King, Taylor Banditelli, Stephanie Blum, Ryan Baur, Angelina Mistretta, Christina Micholik.

The Sonny Kovatch Scholarship: $5,000 - William Stalgaitis

Student Council Awards: Zachary Collevechio, Deanna Focht, Stephanie Kachelries, Zachary King, Courtney Lazar, Lisa Lin, Ashlee Miller, Shannon Phillips, Jacinda Ruzicka, Amy Yusella.

The Panther Valley Alumni Association SAT Award: $25 for each section - Math, $25, Nathaniel Mathewson; Math & Reading, $50, Ryan Bauer; Math & Writing, $50, Amy Yusella; Math, Reading & Writing, $75, Zachary Collevechio

The Panther Valley Alumni Association Scholarship: $1,000 each - Shannon Phillips and Amber Woodring

The Evans Memorial Scholarship: $500 - Krista Paul

The Dr. Joseph "Corky" Sweeney Memorial Award: Deanna Focht

The Cazzie Kosciolek Memorial Scholarship: Angelina Mistretta

The Winnie the Pooh Preschool Alumni Scholarship: $500 - Thad Ogozalek

Special Recognition Award: William Digiglio, Brock Mitchell, Stephen Snyder

Good Citizenship Awards from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Amy Yusella and William Stalgaitis

Band Awards: Georgiana Butler, Tamara Kunkel, Courtney Lazar, Ashlee Miller, Angelina Mistretta, Amber Schmidt, Sabrina Smale

The "Buddy" Ogozalek Memorial Scholarship: $100 - Georgiana Butler

The Michael Yeakley Memorial Award: $100 - Angelina Mistretta

The U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award: Nathaniel Mathewson, Jacinda Ruzicka

The U.S. Marine Corps Award for Musical Excellence: Georgiana Butler

U.S. Marine Corps "Scholastic Excellence" Award: Zachary Collevechio, Courtney Lazar

Library Assistants Awards: Rachel Dougherty, Krista Capasso

Newspaper Awards: Nina Benitich, Chelsea Digiglio

Yearbook Awards: Nina Benitich

Sportsmanship Awards

Baseball: Jacob Knepper

Softball: Amy Yusella

Boys' Track: Nathaniel Mathewson

Girls' Track: Stephanie Blum

Boys'' Basketball: Zachary King

Wrestling: John Horvath

Volleyball: Deanna Focht

Football: Nick McArdle

Cheerleading: Stephanie Blum

Art Awards: Brittany Cunfer, Theressa Eckhart, Deanna Focht, Olivia Markovich, Christina Micholik, Angelina Mistretta, Krista Paul, Jacinda Ruzicka

The Vincent Van Gogh Art Award: $100 - Krista Paul

Audio-Visual Award: Thomas Gallagher, Zackary King, Tyler Smith

Physical Education Awards: Georgiana Butler, Zachary Collevechio, Brittany Cunfer, Joseph Dalessio, Kevin Dunn, Thomas Gallagher, John Horvath, Stephanie Kachelries, Zachary King, Jacob Knepper, Courtney Lazar, Lisa Lin, Nicholas McArdle, Christina Micholik, Brock Mitchell, Thad Ogozalek, William Stalgaitis, Amy Yusella

Health & Anatomy Awards: Evelyn Cabrera, Lisa Lin, Brittany Cunfer, Stephanie Kachalries, Courtney Lazar, William Stalgaitis

Drama Awards: Ryan Baur

Student of the Month Awards: Amy Yusella, Deanna Focht, Zachary King, Courtney Lazar, William Stalgaitis

Harmony Scholars Awards: David Aungst, Taylor Banditelli, Breanna Cullen, Kevin Dunn, John Horvath, Stephanie Kachelries, Zachary King, Courtney Lazar, Dustin Marblestone, Nicholas McArdle, Ashlee Miller, Thad Ogozalek, Krista Paul, Shannon Phillips, Jacinda Ruzicka, Sabrina Smale, Tyler Smith, Maryjane Thomas, Courtney Williams

The Richard Davidyock Memorial Scholarship Award: $500 each - Kevin Dunn, Zachary King, Jacinda Ruzicka

Scholastic Scrimmage Awards: Ryan Baur, Zackary Collevechio, Courtney Lazar, Lisa Lin, Nathaniel Mathewson, Ashlee Miller, Angelina Mistretta, Jacinda Ruzicka, Amy Yusella

Pennsylvania System of School Assessment Performance Level Certificates: David Aungst, Taylor Banditelli, Ryan Baur, Nina Benitich, Stephanie Blum, Georgianna Butler, Evelyn Cabrera, Katherine Colburn, Zachary Collevechio, Breanna Cullen, Brittany Cunfer, Chelsea Digiglio, William Digiglio, Kevin Dunn, Theresa Eckhart, Deanna Focht, Kassandra Gray, John Horvath, Jennifer Jellyman, Stephanie Kachelries, Zachary King, Tara Kurtz, Courtney Lazar, Lisa Lin, Dustin Marblestone, Olivia Markovich, Nathaniel Mathewson, Nicholas McArdle, Ashlee Miller, Angelina Mistretta, Thad Ogozalek, Shannon Phillips, Gage Rohlfing, Jacinda Ruzicka, Amber Schmidt, Tyler Smith, William Stailgaitis, Mary Jane Thomas, Amber Woodring, Amy Yusella

The Masonic Lodge Award: $300 - Zackary Collevechio

The Valley Forge Chapter of the National Honor Society Bronze Good Citizenship Medal: Amber Woodring

Sports Awards

Football: Kevin Dunn, John Horvath, Zackary King, Jake Knepper, Nicholas McArdle, Ryan Miller, Brock Mitchell, Tyler Smith, Anthony Staivecki, William Stalgaitis, Michael Weaver

Cheerleading: Stephanie Blum, Theressa Eckhart, Kassandra Gray

Volleyball: Deanna Focht, Stephanie Kacherlies, Christina Micholick, Krista Paul, Jacinda Ruzicka, Amy Yusella

Volleyball Manager: Zachary Collevechio

Volleyball MVP Award: $25 award given by the Volleyball Booster Club - Amy Yusella

Baseball: Zackary King, Nicholas McArdle, Thad Ogozalek

Softball: Georgiana Butler, Samantha Kresge, Amy Yusella

Girls' Basketball: Brittany Cunfer, Olivia Markovich, Krista Paul, MaryJane Thomas

Boys' Basketball: Brock Mitchell, Nathaniel Mathewson, Joseph Dalessio, Nicholas McArdle, Thad Ogozalek, Zachary King, Kevin Dunn

Wrestling: John Horvath, Dustin Marblestone, Stephen Snyder, Gage Rohlfing

Track and Field: Stephanie Blum, Olivia Markovich, Nicholas McArdle

National Football Foundation Scholar Athlete: William Stalgaitis.

The Paul J. Yurick Jr. Girl's Basketball Award: $100 - Brittany Cunfer

The Panther Valley Running and Fitness Award: Deanna Focht, Amy Yusella

The Michael R. Davis Football Scholarship Award: $250 - William Stalgaitis

The Jerome "Jiji" Vaiana Memorial Baseball Award: $50 - Zachary King

The Frendak Memorial Award: Zachary King

The Brandon Blasko Memorial Award: $50 award and plaque - Joseph Dalessio

The Eugene Watto Memorial Award: $50 - John Horvath

The Grappler Club Award: $50 each - John Horvath, Dustin Marblestone

Schuylkill League Interscholastic Athletic Association Scholarship: $100 - Nathaniel Mathewson, Jacinda Ruzicka

The Panther Valley Education Association Scholarship Award: $500 - Shannon Phillips

The Matthew T. Aungst Memorial Community Service Award: $50 and plaque from the Lansford Fire Company and $100 from the Aungst family: David Aungst

Matthew Aungst Junior Firefighter Scholarship: $100 from the Lansford Fire Company and $100 from the Aungst family - David Aungst

The Lansford High School Class of 1945: $200 - Lisa Lin

Schuylkill County Fire Chief Association: David Aungst

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizens Award: Amy Yusella

The Nesquehoning Lions Club Award: $75 - William Stalgaitis

The Northeast Central District & Tamaqua Lodge #592 of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks: $250 - Amy Yusella, William Stalgaitis

The William T. Richards Award: $100 - David Aungst

The Betty Holmes Herring: $4,000 - Stephanie Blum

The Faye Lewis Scholarship: $100 - Nathaniel Mathewson

The Richard McIntyre Mathematics Award: $100 bond - Nathaniel Mathewson.

The Linda Huynh Scholarship for Human Services: $500 - Kassandra Gray

The Thomas J. McCall Memorial Scholarship: $500 - Courtney Lazar

Summit Hill Business & Professional Association Award: $250 - Deanna Focht

The Carbon County Bar Association Scholarship: $500 each - Nathaniel Mathewson & Amy Yusella.

Charles Depuy Award: $500 - Amy Yusella

To be presented at individual ceremonies:

The St. Luke's Miners Memorial Board of Trustees Academic Scholarship: $500 - Lisa Lin

St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Academic Scholarship Award: $500 - Courtney Lazar

Summit Hill Lions Club Award: Amy Yusella

National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Schuylkill Chapter: Plaque and $100 previously awarded - William Stalagitis

National Honor Society Pendant Ceremony: Courtney Lazar, president, Jacinda Ruzicka, vice-president, Amy Yusella, secretary, Deanna Focht, treasurer. Additional members: Ryan Baur, Zachary Collevechio, Brittany Cunfer, Stephanie Kachelries, Zachary King, Nathan Mathewson, Ashlee Miller, William Stalgaitis, Amber Woodring

Junior deacons for the evening's ceremonies were Samantha Zlock and Jacob Tokosh.

Senior advisors were Rick Morgans and Theresa Zuber.

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